Monday, December 13, 2010


Not The Rains of Blessing?

I was discussing the weather with a co-worker.  Three days of sandstorm, with the final day coating everything in orange sand and falling like snow flurries.  And then came a good hard drenching rain (still continuing right now).

He said to me “this is not the rains of blessing.  If Hashem wants to give rains with kindness, the weather turns, the gentle rains come and then the hard rains come.  But if first there is days and days of sandstorm and strong winds causing everyone to suffer, this is Hashem saying ‘Enough already, I’ve heard your tefilot (prayers) and here’s some rain to shut you up.’  It’s rain, but not with kindness, and answers to our prayers, but not with mercy.”

May our tefilot always be answered b’rachamim.


  1. The Gedolei HaDor have to step up to the plate at this point and take more of a leadership role, kind of like that of the the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Bnei Yisrael have become like lost sheep without a sheperd.
    How can Bnei Yisrael understand the warning of the Carmel fire and of the overpowering destructive rains when they have lost all connection with their Father in Shamayim?
    What Bnei Yisrael really need is a leader worthy of that name, someone to open their eyes and their heart, and I am sure that they will return to their Father in heaven.

  2. It rained 8 inches in Tzfat on Sunday. In the center of the country in just poured dirt until Monday. Yet, the Galil got a ton of rain where it is most needed, filling up the Kinneret and reservoirs in the Golan and the Galil. It was not all a curse. Sometimes we have to accept bracha from Shamayim in the form that it comes. Remember our water supply comes primarily from the Golan and the Galil, and that is where it rained most.

  3. Samama, I hear you. That is the feeling with Harav Mordechai Eliyahu passing away.

    Now we are back to waiting for rain, and nothing is on the horizon.


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