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Interviewing a Messiah

image005by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

     David is almost sure that his mother’s mother is Jewish. At least, “That is the color of the garment,” he told me. His father is almost certainly not Jewish. David asked if we could sit and talk, that he had something important to tell me. David is very intelligent. He holds an important computer position for a large firm in America. He is a very nice person, and is apparently normal in every way. Every way, that is, except one. He looked at me, smiled, and said, “I am the Messiah.”

     I told him not to worry about it, that that feeling was going around these days. In fact, I had seen three guys like him that very week.

     He was not at all deterred, “But, I am the real one.” He smiled. “You think that I have Jerusalem Syndrome, but I don’t.”

    Jerusalem Syndrome is a well known temporary mental condition that sometimes causes tourists here to believe that they are one of the great Biblical personalities.

    I tried to explain, “David, you do not even know if you are Jewish.”

    “We are almost sure that my mother’s mother is Jewish,” he replied.

     “David,” I told him, “the Messiah has to come from the tribe of Yehudah. The tribes are handed down from the father. Your father is not from the tribe of Yehudah. He is not even Jewish!”  It didn’t change David’s mind in the least.

   “The color of the garment is here. You will see as things go on,” he said.

     I was not joking with him. I saw at least three men here this week who thought that they were the Messiah. So, the question has to be, how will we know who is the real one?

image006The Rambam lists a number of things that a Jewish King has to do before we accept him as the Messiah. Such as; “He builds the Temple in its place (Jerusalem) and he gathers in the scattered Jews from around the world.”[i] But, even if all of the signs and wonders would be fulfilled, there will be only one thing that will prove that any particular man is the Messiah -- the entire world will agree on it.

As the prophet said, at that time, “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of G-d...”[ii] When this happens, and everyone on the planet is filled with the knowledge of G-d, then we will all know that the Messiah has come.

(Second Picture, one of the other current self-believing Messiah’s.)

[i] Mishnah Torah, Laws of Kings 11:4
[ii] Habakkuk 2:14


  1. I kind of think that the mashiach will not announce himself but rather that is Eliyahu HaNavi's duty. I would assume that the mashiach will also be more modest.

    Rav Mordechai Eliyahu Zt"l said that our fate is tied to Yohnathan ben Malca (Pollard)'s fate. May he be freed soon.

  2. Jonathan Pollard is born on 9. Av.
    He might make up for the sin of the 'Spies'. He sits in the gates of today's Edom (USA). Currebntly, we fight for the continuation of Beit Jonathan (named after Pollard), while all politicians make a serious effort to free him (109 MK signed, except for the Arabs).

  3. won't posting these men's pictures be kind of embarrasing for them? Let their messiah complex be anonymous.

  4. HaShem will identify him, otherwise it's simply irrelevant who believes they are or what the Rambam said. Strange day's.

    I was in the rova last night and two, let's say men who are somewhat freindly with each other, started to freak out as someone was following them. They confronted a girl and there was about 4 of us who got her out of there. I think the heavy energies got to these girlyboys. Nuts. What's with the rova.

  5. Well, if one is going to give in to one's own Evil Inclination and have delusions of grandeur, then why stop at a simple messiah complex? Why not go all the way and announce that you are indeed the long awaited Melech HaMoshiach?

    You never know.... You might just be able to attract some believers and cash-in on it. Seems a pathetic way to achieve a sense of belonging and gain some self-esteem, but who am I to judge?

    Doesn't the Baal Shem Tov say that if you haven't found anything good about a person, then you haven't looked hard enough? I just wish that looking for the good weren't so difficult. The harder I try the more negative I become. :(

  6. Jonathan pollard is the messiah of yosef , if not hes very very connected and tremendous nitzotzot in the landd of edom in the arch prison of edom of mamash yosef hatzaddik . According to the ari no one has all 3 levels of soul of a previous tzaddik which hes born with . Pollard might have worked up to nefesh and ruach of yosef hatzddik . Mamash his freedom is yesod the geulah the shechinah mamash !

  7. you must remember none other then the besht said mental illness which these sudo messiah want to be's suffer from and God knows what else for example the false messiah shabbati tzvi routinely gave his wife to other torah scholars to have sex with and had homosexual intercourse with his tefillin on . the besht said mental illness is the other side of prophecy like pure idolatry is the negative sefirot as the tanya and ramchal 138 gates of wisdom explain opposite echad . Thats why its forbidden to play in or near real idolatry the prayers are blocked from acending and declaring Gods achdut unity !


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