Thursday, December 09, 2010

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Ignoring Anti-Semitism

By now most have heard this story…

The Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm El Sheik has experienced a number of shark attacks against foreign tourists.  Such attacks are unusual and a series of them unprecedented.  Three of the tourists each lost an arm; the other had serious leg and back injuries, and one was killed.

Egyptian experts have gone on TV blaming…the Joooooos!  The Mossad is dumping angry sharks in the Red Sea, the Mossad has trained sharks to attack Egyptians, the Mossad has GPS guided remote control sharks they’re using to destroy the Egyptian tourist economy.

The ridiculousness of this aside, there’s two quick points to be made…

1. They keep feeding their people this stuff day in and day out.  Every problem in their country is caused by the Jooooos (convienent, isn’t it) making the Jews out to be maniacal homicidal technological evil masterminds.  And after years and years of it with (supposed) experts stating it and (scientifically) confirming it, the public (or some not small portion thereof) actually believes it!

2. The West, the diplomats, the international media, laughs at it.  If this was an isolated incident it certainly could be laughed off as just some wacko espousing wacked theories.  But when it’s regular and consistent, ignoring it just because it’s STUPID is ignoring rampant anti-semitic propaganda.

Example: Newsweek – Shark Attack Conspiracies

When you consistently demonize a people as the Arabs and Radical Islamics have done with the Jews, it’s a NORMAL reaction when your people feel compelled to take extreme action against them.

…And that’s the point.  It’s happening in front of our eyes, and it’s being ignored by all of us.


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