Sunday, December 26, 2010

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Hamas–Now Tax Deductible (Video)

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Crazy Smade said...

One will find that most "international humanitarian aid" goes toward the overhead costs of the organization in question, then to corrupt politicians in the target nation or region, then to war-lords and/or assorted local criminals, while less than one percent goes to those actually in need.

Once the needy get their single truck load of supplies, the camera crews film it and turn it into a heart-rending "plea-mercial" that ends up bringing in more funds and the whole bloody cycle starts over again.

I dare say that most "international humanitarian aid" supports one kind of terrorism or another and yet remains tax deductible.

This is why I don't give money (from what little HaShem grants me) to organizations. Instead, I send money only to credible individuals and those who function in the role of a gabbai tzedakah.

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