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CNN: Shhh, Don’t Mention Arabs Murder

As most have no doubt heard by now, there was a terrorist attack just up the road from me on Shabbat (Saturday).  After Shabbat as my wife drove through the area (returning from the supermarket having no idea what was going on), her car was carefully scrutinized.

The story that’s been reported is, in brief, this… A group was hiking the lovely forested hills near Beit Shemesh on Shabbat by the Hanot ruins.  [ The Hanot ruins are the ruins of an ancient town of Jews who took vows of a nazir that’s just off the side of the road at the beginning of a camping area and forest trails. ]  Most of the group finished the hike and left, but the tour guide, a Jewish woman originally from England stayed behind together with a visiting Jewish woman from the United States.

The two women continued on the trails going a mile or so towards the nearby Israeli village of Mata.  Along the way they passed two Arab men who asked for some extra water, which the women did not have.  The women continued on their way and a few minutes later were attacked by the Arab men who were armed with large knives.

One of the women (the British one, who was the tour guide) was tied up and stabbed 12 times by the Arab men.  She was injured and bleeding heavily and played dead.  They grabbed the other woman and headed off.  The injured woman shakily got to her feet, bleeding heavily, and stumbled towards the nearby village where she received help and the police were called.

The other woman (the American Jewish tourist) was not found for some hours and was then found brutally murdered.


(CNN) The body of an American female tourist missing since Saturday was found outside Jerusalem on Sunday morning, an Israeli police spokesman said.  A search was launched after a second woman arrived at a picnic area with multiple stab wounds and said she and a friend had been attacked, police said.

Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld identified the deceased woman as Christine Logan, an American, and the other woman as Kaye Susan Wilson, a British citizen living in Israel.  Wilson was in stable condition at a hospital in Jerusalem on Sunday, said Dr. Yuval Weiss, the hospital's director.

The two women had been hiking in a forest near Beit Shemesh, west of Jerusalem, Rosenfeld said.  Wilson told police they were attacked by two men, tied up and stabbed. She said she escaped and ran for help.

No, Wilson told police they were attacked by two Arabs.  Even the AP get’s this one right…

(Associated Press) Israeli police found the body of a female American tourist, with multiple stab wounds and her hands bound behind her back, in a forest outside Jerusalem on Sunday in what authorities believe was a politically-motivated attack by two Arab men.

A friend of the slain woman survived, despite being knifed several times, and said the assailants at one point carefully removed her Star of David necklace and then stabbed her in the place it had rested on her chest.

With a massive manhunt under way for the assailants, Rosenfeld said "the main lead line is that the attack was nationalistic, but we haven't ruled out the possibility that it was criminal."  Police said there were no signs that Wilson had been sexually assaulted or robbed.

Wilson told Israeli media that two Arab men approached her and Logan as they rested during a hike in the hills outside Jerusalem. She said the men asked them for water, and then she and her friend walked away. Thinking the men had left, the women headed back to the main trail when suddenly they were attacked.

"It all happened so fast. They came and attacked us," Wilson told reporters.  She said one of the men took out a knife that looked "like a bread knife with a serrated edge." Logan then "became hysterical" and the men began to stab them, Wilson said.

"It was clear that they came to kill," she added. "Who carries around a knife like that?"

At one point, Wilson said one of the assailants gently took a Star of David chain off her neck, "then turned me around and stabbed in the place where the Star of David had been."

After Wilson reported the incident, police and paramedics launched a large-scale hunt and located Logan's body early Sunday buried under some bushes, about 20 yards (meters) from where the attack was believed to have occurred. The site is inside Israel, not far from the frontier with the West Bank.

Missing some details or relying on an early report is one thing.  Skipping mention that it was Arab men, that’s intentionally falsifying the report…avoiding the fact that two Arabs decided to attack and murder (or attempt to murder) two innocent Jewish women women.

That’s warping the truth to fit your agenda.  For a politician that’s unpleasant but normal.  For a news channel…it’s a criminal omission.

CNN, you’ve clarified what you are…political, not news.


  1. Your report is also in error. Christine Logan was Christian, not Jewish.

  2. Don't know what to call the other one. Here is the story

  3. More details in case you decide to write another post on this subject. Also, I was wrong above. It seems her name is actually Luken, not Logan as was reported at first.

  4. Its not in the best interest in reporting that the None People are murderer's intent on destroying Israel. It damages the 'piece' process and we can't have that now. It's the same way the gov't here quickly changed the story of the fires purposly set by Arab terrorists. Again, our 'piece' partners would not do such an act now. Such garbage.


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