Wednesday, December 01, 2010

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The Calories of Chanukah


This year I’ve decided to publically embarrass myself as I determine if my Nefesh Bahaymius (my animal soul and desires) will successfully convince my Nefesh Elokus (my G-dly soul and spiritual desires) that consuming mass quantities of fried and sweet-fried foods is an integral part of the mitzvot of Chanukah.

Check back regularly and feel free to comment…

Day of Chanukah Fried Food Consumed How Was It? Fried Food Purchased
-2 Small Chocolate covered Chocolate filled Chanukah Donut, at daughter’s parent-teacher conference.  All the parents were having one, really.  The chocolate cover was too thick, almost crunchy.  But it would have been baal tashchis (wasting) to throw it away. French fries at dinner.  And onion rings.  Just practicing, really.
-1 Standard Chanukah Sufganiya (jelly filled powdered donut), given out at work in honor of Chanukah. It would have been politically incorrect not to consume it, really.  Surprise, it was chocolate cream filled instead of jelly. Rather oily, not worth the calories. 8 standard chanukah sufganiyot (jelly filled powdered donuts) for the family tonight after menorah lighting.
1 Standard Chanukah Sufganiya (jelly filled powdered donut) after the lighting of the menorah with the children. It’s the Chanukah treat, required. It’s a good one, not oily, fresh and slightly crispy.  
1 One large latke (potato pancake) as part of Chanukah dinner, my wife’s hard effort must be appreciated. Though usually my wife’s latke’s are excellent, these are fat and very oily. Most of if it ends up (discretely) in the garbage.  


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