Monday, November 29, 2010


Wiki Leaked: Ongoing US Support for PLO

(For those who haven’t heard, the web site Wikileaks has a dump of almost 250,000 internal US diplomatic cables, often containing frank diplomatic assessments of foreign leaders and the results of foreign diplomatic meetings.)

It would be nice to solely blame Obama for the current US – Israel diplomatic situation.  But the exposed leaks from Wikileak begin to paint a picture of an Official US Diplomatic Policy to isolate and weaken Israel going back into the Bush administration (and maybe earlier).  The main change in the Obama administration seems to be putting it up front on the table instead of sneaking it around behind the back.

The US diplomatic corp has it’s own interest and maintaining positive relations with Israel clearly isn’t one of them.


Confidential Diplomatic Cable from the US Consulate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2007-01-28 08:08


9.(C) Israel/Palestinians: United States Undersecretary of State Burns stressed that the US believes progress between Israel and the Palestinians toward peace is central to regional stability, and supports the creation of a Palestinian state. This would be "the best thing," Prime Minister Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktoum replied; a peace deal would make radical groups like HAMAS "everyone's enemy". Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas should be supported, particularly since HAMAS is funded by Iran. Prime Minister Mohammad bin Rashid al Maktoum noted UAE assistance was again flowing to the Palestinians, although it had been suspended for a time because of corruption concerns. United States Undersecretary of State Burns said the US is careful to ensure its assistance is going to the Palestinian people, rather than the HAMAS government, and is confident in the assistance mechanisms now in place.

To summarize (nothing particularly damning), the US believes that Middle East stability is completely based on the Palestinian situation (not Iran, not Al Qaeda, not the Taliban or insurgents in Yemen or Kurdish uprisings against Iran and Turkey, nor inter-ethnic strife in Lebanon, or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, but the Palestinians) and the US is certain that Hamas isn’t getting any of the hundreds of millions of dollars the United States provides to the Palestinian Authority and directly as US Aid projects yearly.  (Hahaha choke gag gasp cry.)


  1. It's interesting to note that it is Saudi that wanted the US to act (attack) Iran. Why? So Saudi are not seen as the 'baddies', but the 'common enemy' of Islam is - the U.S and its allies ie us; the UK.

    Saudi is the source of the theological rhetoric which came out of their 'profit's' mouth (see Islamic school text books-Palestinian Media Watch) that the Shiites ie Ayatollahs follow to the letter: text-adherent Qur'an/ahadith adhered to by factions such as Hamas and Hizballah, Al-Quaida (which means the Base/The Qur'an) and offshoots.

    The Shiites hate Saudi as they are Sunni which, ironically don't practice what they preach, as the Shias do, only whimsically such as in matters of Kuffir, women, stoning and hatred of Jews (no Jew can enter Saudi and certainly cannot be a citizen, same with P.A occupied Israel).

    How will Iran use this wikileak information? YOYO time (you're on your own) for Saudi? But then I;m not a politician.

    Hidden things are now out in the open. kb

  2. the US believes progress between Israel and the Palestinians toward peace is central to regional stability, and supports the creation of a Palestinian state.


    Read between the lines.... What is says is, "Regional instability will be maintained by a continued push for the creation of a Palestinian state." In short, the message simply states, "Maintain the status quo!"

    Honestly, you've got to watch the British sitcom "Yes, Minister" and "Yes, Prime Minister" to get a first class lesson in this sort of political double-talk.


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