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What Can We Do To Bring The Cherished Revelation?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ The Mystical Software Development Center

    Someone just wrote me this question about the Revelation. I answered, “The Revelation comes when seeing G-d’s Presence is truly our greatest priority, and we greatly exert ourselves to help another Jew.”

    He wrote back, “Is altruism so essential that it leads to knowing Hashem?”


     The egotistical person is worshiping an idol--himself. We learn this at Pesach (Passover) when we stress that ego is like gas. When gas is added to dough, it causes the dough to rise and to take on a bloated shape. This is not simply a moral condemnation. It is a physical and spiritual fact that exaggerated ego is simply bloated gas. This gas prevents us from seeing the Overall One, because it has us looking at our inflated selves. When we are looking at ourselves, obviously, we cannot see Him.

     When one stresses his own self-importance, he is pushing away any possibility of the spiritual awareness of G-d. After all, if G-d is the “I AM,” then who is this man who is saying, “I Am”?

     When we go out of our way, and even push ourselves, to help others, (especially Jews, because we are Jews), and especially spiritually, (because it is the spiritual result that we are seeking), we are denying the importance of the ego. When the other person is in the limelight, we focus on him. And if we try to help him, with no motive for anything in return, we are denying the ego its central place in our desires, and we elevate the other person.

     When we do this, we begin to do G-d’s work in the lower world, and when we “help” G-d, G-d helps us. The spiritual door opens only from the inside. Our deeds place us in front of that door, but it unlocks from the Higher to the lower.[i]

    But, even with all this effort, if we do not seek His Presence with all our heart, He will reward our kindnesses in other ways. He will send us other blessings, instead.

     There is only one way that you can possibly test these words of mine. Go out of your way every day to at least to look for a Jew you can help. Prepare yourself; learn how you can elevate that Jew. You may find yourself carrying your tefillin with you, or a Shabbos candle kit. You might find yourself printing up cards with the Shema on them, to hand out to Jews you never saw before.

     See what changes this brings to your life. I bet that you will have many more guests for dinner Friday night. I also bet that you will smile a lot more, too.

[i] Gemara Tamid 30b

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  1. How about we try something else that will actually bring light to the world. What about not pushing yourself to the front of the line, how about waiting for your turn, how about not calling a Jew a pig because he does not wear the clothes of polish aristocrats. How about not wanting to stone a Jew for not dressing like polish aristocratic goyim. How about greeting a Jew with boker tov, or saying todah for the bus ride. Or simply giving a smile when meeting one. How about driving your car with courtesy and not as if you are in the golan heights in a tank. How about giving a fellow Jew respect even though one does not agree with their schtick (you know you might be wrong). How about dealing honestly in business, how about giving the correct change to someone. In other words, be straight in all our ways. Gutman, in the highest respect, putting tefillin on a Jew will not change his midot, business dealings etc towards fellow Jews, and goyim. It will not suppress his ego, which is simply the Satan. Actually, it may inflate it, why, because when one performs the mitzvoth of men (ie, tefillin which as we discussed is rabbinical in its entirety, in truth and reality its a metaphor) one suddenly thinks they are holy and getting closer to haShem. But when one behaves in a manner that is holy towards fellow Jews, that makes him or her very close to haShem. Why, because they are acting like our Father. As our prophets state that we ignore completely, haShem wants loving kindness and not sacrifices. In otherwords, the last 2000 years we have focused on the microscopic, we have focused on mitzvoth of men, we have ignored several very difficult mitzvoth of the Torah, in the meantime we treat each other without kindness and respect.

    You live in your own personal getto in the Rova. Get out into the general public, go to the supermarket, go on the bus, drive a car. I wish I could say all is well here in Israel, but we are in a very bad situation. When we get expelled from Judea, Samaria and 'East' Jerusalem you will know exactly the reason. It's not from a Jew not performing a mitzva invented by the rabbi's, you can take that to bank.

    Just so you don't get the idea that I am not around 'religious' Jews. I am relating to only them as I am surrounded daily by them. Why do I focus on them, because they claim to be the light, those who are on the Derech, haShems chosen ones.

    Chodesh Tov


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