Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Precognition–Things are Stranger Than They Seem

Modern science frequently gives the impression that “they know it all”.  This is taught to the level of being the religion of science, aka “we understand enough to know what’s possible or not, and G-d or other magic-ish stuff is simply not possible”.

And we believe it.  After all, cell phones work, televisions work, computers work, the lights turn on when we flip the switch…so clearly those scientists must know what they’re talking about.  Until they don’t.

Recently a scientist performed one of the strangest studies I’ve every heard of.  It went like this…

Memory tests always show that if a person studies a list of words and is tested an hour later on a long list that includes the words they studied, they will consistently do better on the test.

So this scientist said lets reverse the order to see if the FUTURE can affect the PRESENT (meaning people are “seeing” the future).

In his test he gave people a test of words.  Then an hour later he gave them a list of words to study that were included in the test.

His question – would the people being tested do better on the test for the words they would study IN THE FUTURE.

The answer – YES!

His study seems to show the ability of people to see or be affected by FUTURE events, which we would otherwise define as the ability to tell the future or REVERSE CAUSATION.

Now this doesn’t specifically define people as being psychic, it didn’t try to test claims of abilities to predict future events.  Rather, it tested people being affected by future events.  Which completely reverses the way we think the world works!

The scientist doing this has no idea why this would be, he just showed an effect.  Quantum mechanics has already somewhat demonstrated that the world is a whole lot stranger and has various not-understood effects than 20th century science believes.  And the belief that science “knows it all” has been a persistent mistake of science for the past 90 years.


  1. Reminds me of the "What the Bleep Do We Know? Down the Rabbit Hole" DVD (you can find it on YouTube) and the stuff that Dr. Michio Kaku talks about.

    Perhaps we create our own reality. Perhaps infinity is folding and unfolding and we're stuck in that cycle, sort of like the Star Trek episode where the crew is stuck in a time-loop and they slowly begin to recall what has gone before.

    If dreams are 1/60th prophecy, perhaps that's because in some past or in some parallel universe, what we've dreamed has happened, is happening and shall continue to happen. The Qabalah of quantum theory just blows my mind....

  2. Anyone who says that science or scientists claim to be able to know the answers to the ultimate question does not understand science. The ONLY thing that scientists say with any certainty is that "We have a framework for understanding this set of phenomena." In the case of quantum mechanics, for example, reasonable scientists will say that they understand that they'll be able to predict the behavior of an electron in an electromagnetic field to such and so degree of certainty, and they'll say that they will be able to understand certain as-yet unexplained phenomena using this framework.

    As religious Jews, we might be able to dismiss some of the louder claptrap coming from pseudo-scientists; simultaneously, though, we have to reject those who would have us dismiss ALL of modern science and replace it with preventing miscarriages by being careful with nail clippings.


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