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No Jews Allowed!

image003 (1)by Reb Gutman Locks @ The Mystical Paths Sweat Lodge

     A Hindu priest was escorted into the Kotel area yesterday. His Israeli host was trying to protect him from me, but I pushed him aside.

    “I know your religion very well,” I told the priest. Obviously, he was both surprised and skeptical. I went on, “I even had one of the siddhis.” He quickly realized that I was not inventing something to impress him.

Siddhis are the spiritually unclean mystical powers that can come from certain idolatrous practices. Gurus wildly seek these powers, because anyone who gets one gains instant fame. Although these powers are often spoken of, it is very rare for someone to actually have one.

     “Which one did you have?” he asked.

     “Forty years ago, I was in India for two years, and I got one of those powers. For years, wherever I went, people would experience a mystical, spiritual feeling around me. This happened without me saying even a single word! They would ask, ‘What is this power that we feel coming from you?’”

     I quickly changed the subject. “Whenever a Jew comes to you, you must send him or her away, just as it says in your religious book.”

     He doubted what I was saying, so I explained, “In the Bhagavad Gita there is the story of a man who was born into the warrior caste. His name was Ajuna.” 

   “Ajuna, yes” he agreed.

     “He was told by kishka (who is the particular “god” of this priest’s sect) that he had to follow his owndharma (“natural universal principles”). Ajuna’s caste family was going to war against his adoptive family, andAjuna threw down his bow, refusing to fight. Kishka told him that he had to fight in that war, even against his adoptive family, because he was born into a certain caste/tribe, and if that tribe went to war, then he had to join them in that war. He had to follow the ways of that tribe. Kishka told him that this is why he was born into that particular tribe, and in order to find his spiritual salvation, he had to follow that particular path. This was his dharma.”

    The Hindu priest agreed that this was a teaching of his religion.

     I went on, “Jews are born into a specific tribe for a good reason, too, and we must follow the ways of our tribe in order to succeed spiritually. This is our dharma. As a Hindu priest, you have to send away any Jew who comes to you. You must tell them to come here to Jerusalem, and to follow the ways of the Torah.”

     Will he listen to what I said? Had I told him to send the Jews away without giving him the reason that I did, I doubt that he would have sent anyone away. He thinks that his job is to gather souls, not to send them away. But since I was able to show him where his own religion teaches that he must send Jews away, I think that he definitely will tell them to seek their spiritual life in Torah, and not in Hinduism.


  1. Couldn't help finding this 'funny':

    "He thinks that his job is to gather souls, not to send them away."

    And (therefore the)jews think that their job is to send souls away, not to gather them??

    (think: "conversionbill" etc)

  2. For this reason, it appears, HKBH sent you to the world of avodah zarah

  3. Crazy, crazy SmadeNovember 18, 2010 12:17 PM

    It's too bad that this approach doesn't work with Xtians and Messianics.

    And, while I don't agree with Anon, it would be nice if more Orthodox Jews were both willing and able to help us Goyim toward tikkun nefesh and tikkun olam, even if they only want to put us into a "Noachide Box" and not educate us in mussar, etc., etc., etc.

    That said, I understand why so many Orthodox Jews are unwilling and/or unable to do so, especially when it comes to having the means and wherewithal to confront the darkness and be a visible light unto the Nations.

    IMO, the "infrared" and the "let 'em come to me" approaches simply aren't enough.

    Yes, I know.... I know.... First, be a Holy People and a Kingdom of Priests and THEN (and thereby) be a light to the Nations. I'm not saying send us your newly observant to be Emissaries to the Nations.

    At any rate....

    Honestly, if HaKodesh Baruch Hu would just seriously fund the advancement of His Own Kingship amongst the Jews and the non-Jews, then maybe we wouldn't have to keep wondering how much longer the Final Redemption is going to take to get here.

    I'm starting to wonder if the Messianic Era isn't simply a State-of-Mind that each individual must internalize and actualize. Do we turn within or keep looking at the clock or both? You tell me!

    I keep hearing Rabbi Brody talk about how the "bad stuff" doesn't have to happen in order for the Final Redemption to come, but it sure seems to me that HaShem is funding the "bad guys" so they can in fact dump all the "bad stuff" on us. I have to ask, "Why is that!? WHY!?"

    Does the "redemption-thru-crisis" approach really work or does it just serve to draw a line of emunah in the sand? What good is that?

    And ask yourself why did Uman become a center of the haskalah movement and why did Rebbe Nachman of Breslov have to undertake his work there!?

    I mean, if HaShem just wants to create and then cull Amalek and Esau from the human herd, then BRING IT! But if HaShem really and truly wants ALL of His Children to turn to Him, then ... FUND IT! Is that too much to ask? Kill us or heal us, already!

  4. i think, maybe 'the tribe' has a little problem imagining a future in which all the earth embraces 'the jewish faith' - now what? how to be different then??

  5. Anon, where is it written that the whole world is to embrace Judaism? Emunah in OUR Heavenly Father, yes. Embracing Judaism itself, no. Where is that required?

    In the Shema - "Hear O Yisrael, the LORD your G_d, the LORD is one" - one (echad) means that HaShem is so intensely one that there is nothing else. It doesn't simply mean that HaShem is one as opposed to two or more. It means "one" as opposed to anything else at all.

    When the individual reaches the word "echad" in the Shema they should momentarily cease to exist in this revelation of HaShem's Oneness. That's the paradox of Judaism - HaShem's Oneness & our individuality.

    That the world will eventually come to accept that we are all part of the Existent One and that we all live within the Infinite One should be axiomatic! What else is there but the ALL-WITHIN-THE-ALL...? Who could deny this?

    The only thing that prevents us from collectively accepting this now are the labels and masks that each culture and individual wishes to place on HaKodesh Baruch Hu.

    It's only a matter of time before we move away from our pantheisms and atheisms and collectively accept the panentheism that one finds amongst the Sages of Yisrael, who understand that HaShem is the BE-er and that we are all tzelem Elokim and chelek Elokim mima'al.

    Maybe I'm just a crazy person or maybe not. Perhaps I've misunderstood what my Jewish teachers have told me. Either way, I like the "There Is One" message espoused by R' Locks. :)

  6. Crazy smade great insights. Im real confused too is it the best of times or the worst . Is edom a demon or a possible friend ? who are we as jews ? how do we relate to non jews ?

  7. Dear Anon,

    Would that these insights were my own, but they aren't. I'm just repeating what my Jewish teachers have said.

    As to *how* Jews should relate to non-Jews, that very much depends upon the leadership ability of the individual Jew and the maturity level of the non-Jew in question.

    When I attended military leadership school, we were instructed in Situational Leadership Theory, which holds that one's leadership style -- Telling, Selling, Participating, and Delegating -- should adjust to the maturity level of the person doing the assigned task. This theory can be applied to any superior-subordinate relationship.

    So, the individual Jew should first ask, "With regard to the specific matter and/or task at hand, is the non-Jew willing or unwilling, able or unable, confident or unconfident?" and THEN adjust their leadership style to suit the non-Jew's maturity level.

    Recently, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef caused a stir by stating that, "Gentiles were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel."

    That might be a bitter pill to swallow for most non-Jews and many liberal minded, anti-Orthodox Jews, but ... as a non-Jew ... I think that Rabbi Yosef is 100% correct about this.

    No, I'm not a bootlicking, kowtowing sycophant and I'm not looking to gain any brownie-points with the Jewish People (or anyone else) by agreeing with Rabbi Yosef.

    IMO, humanity is like a single body. Doesn't the qabalah teach that all the pre-existent souls that comprise humanity once existed within the Cosmic Primordial Man (i.e., Adam Qadmon)...?

    Rebbe Schneerson says like this, "Peace is not homogeneity. Peace does not mean that everyone thinks the same way. Peace is when there is plurality that finds a higher Oneness.”

    So, let's draw an analogy using this imagery of the human body. There are nine major systems in the human body - the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, urinary, reproductive and nervous system.

    The Jewish People are the central nervous system of humanity's body! Hence, anything that Klal Yisrael does ... usually goads the non-Jews into some sort of reaction and, truth be told, it should!

    It's the job of Klal Yisrael to be a Holy People and a Kingdom of Priests, in order that they CAN BE a light to the Nations, right? It's their job to direct and guide the Nations as we all grow through this process of tikkun (restoration) and "becoming," no?

    We're all stuck on the same planet, in the same solar system, galaxy, universe, dimension and multiverse, so we might just as well learn to get along with each other.

    To be continued....

  8. Continued....

    Would that Rabbi Yosef had addressed the symbiotic nature that exists between Jews and non-Jews, but ... that doesn't mean he was wrong in what he chose to say.

    The Jewish People are indeed the Holy Conduit through which HaShem directs and guides the actions and growth of humanity as a whole. Further, the Nations do in fact exist solely to serve and maintain the health of Klal Yisrael, because without this direct link to HaShem ... the collective body of humanity would simply collapse and eventually cease to be.

    So, it's vitally important that humanity doesn't suffer from any neurological disorder or disease. The health of the central nervous system (i.e., Klal Yisrael) is of paramount importance!

    Just ask anyone suffering from a neurological disorder or disease HOW important it is to have a healthy nervous system that sends out the correct signals to a healthy body that receives those signals and functions accordingly!

    Yes, I know that's a heavy load to place on Klal Yisrael's shoulders, but they have been uniquely equipped by HaShem to led the Nations in the Ways of Righteousness and let's all keep in mind that the best leaders are themselves servants and masters of self-nullifcation (bitul).

    IMO, there's much to be gained from a proper understanding of this Suzerain-Vassal model, which can help us to actualize our individual as well as our collective King/Queen archetype.


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