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More on President Obama

Commentors on our previous article on (feeling strongly about Obama) added these strong thoughts…

Anonymous: The continuous bashing isn't a very mature response. And not very effective either. A waste of energy.

Dov bar Leib:  It is not a waste of energy to call someone who is evil evil. If we close our eyes to what he has already done, we will not be prepared for what he is going to do next.
Take a look at who his friends are. Look at who supported the Gaza flotilla. The group behind the Gaza flotilla that engaged in deadly clashes with Israeli commandoes on May 31st counts among its top activists Weather Underground terrorist founders William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn as well as Jodie Evans, the leader of the radical activist organization Code Pink.

Ayers and Dohrn were close associates for years with President Obama and fundraisers for his state senate campaigns, while Evans was a fundraiser and financial bundler for Obama’s presidential campaign.

His supporters also include Louis Farrakhan and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. In short he has murderers and Jew-haters who are amongst his closest friends and supporters. Yet, Bill Ayers will never see the inside of a prison cell, and Bernadine Dohrn has served her measly seven months.

What matters more is that your President in America has no problem associating with people who murder innocents for their political causes. And he has no problem associating with Jew-haters. They are all one and the same to him, allies for his efforts to remove the oppression from the world's 1.2 billion Muslims. Yet, in the President's mind those who murder innocents for this cause are allies. In short he has a problem supporting Noachide Laws against murder in all circumstances where it is murder, and for establishing courts to put these murderers away forever. Halakhically he is an evil man.

He will yet do great harm to America internally and to Israel, the object of his obsessions. Yes, it is G-d's will, but we must call Obama what he is, EVIL. To be silent in the face of evil is to condemn yourself to its objectives.


  1. Thank you for these comments. I feel vindicated. I deleted my comments because I felt myself going over the top with anger. I despise barak obama. He is a Rasha. He is our enemy and the enemy of my G-d.

  2. As a Christian I consider Obama evil for his Islamic bent.

    As an African I reluctantly consider (at least for now)insulting Obama as racist because the same treatment was not extended to George Bush -at least not initially and not with the same vigour. As a matter of fact Bush was considered some kind of messiah at the beginning of his presidency. Reluctant because I have a sense (based on Bible prophecy) what Obama might do down the road. So far though I am yet to see what Obama has done that is any worse than George Bush. I stand to be corrected but wasn't the two state solution Annapolis conference under George Bush ? Wasn't moving the US embassy to Jerusalem a key Bush campaign promise ?
    What about Gush Katif ? Funny how some started seeing George Bush as the little horn of Daniel 7 late in to his presidency.

    As a Christian conservative I feel no sympathy for American conservatives who are now screaming murder. I sincerely believe they deserve what they've got in Obama and there's more to come. How many of them were ready to vote for Alan Keys ?

  3. Anonymous Conservative African Xian,

    If Obama was generally doing ok but struggling with a difficult economic legacy at the start of his presidency, and yet was receiving this level of insults - I would agree that it has a whiff of racism.

    But, IMHO he's radically changed US policy and direction domestically and internationally. Not gradual shifts or a big shift in a few things but major shifts across the board. People don't like change, they certainly don't like big change and definitely not lots of big change at the same time.

    Most US citizens are satisfied to be relatively complacent about their government when it governs from the center with a bit of leaning left or right. As Bush leaned further and further right later in his presidency, he lost his middle supporters and even some of his core supporters.

    Obama has brought a pretty hard swing left which once again alienated the middle and makes the right react STRONGLY.

    That reaction isn't racism - it's defense against change and positions they don't want.

    Further, I believe Obama GAINED several percentage points FOR himself because of racism. How? Many people I've spoken to wanted to make sure they weren't making a racist voting decision and therefore either gave Obama some extra benefit to offset their potential unrealized or latent racism and ended up voting for him or didn't vote for president AT ALL. Just to avoid the possibility that their decision might be tainted with racism.

    I credit some of the same thinking for why the media didn't dig into his background or present the type of in depth background analysis we normally get for presidential candidates.

    Part of the centrist and rightist reaction of today is exactly because they feel they were tricked into voting for Obama. Tricked by a media that refused to examine him and even by themselves for giving him extra mental credit... all to avoid the possibility of racism.

  4. Dear R' Akiva,

    Respectfully, Obama has radically changed the direction of US policy? How so?

    He too is giving money to companies, whilst said companies continue kicking LEGAL American workers to the curb, so they can close-up shop here in the US and open factories in China (et al) and don't even get me started on overseas out-sourcing and what is laughingly called "border control".

    There's no real difference between the Dems and the Reps. One attempts to "sweet talk" the Muslim world, whilst the others pay little more than lip-service to the Israelis, but both parties are in bed with the oil producing elites and both parties have their eye on other regional resources and both parties are dipping their respective hands into those cookie jara.

    In this case, there's no lesser of two evils. Here in America, there's only EVIL on both sides of the political fence. If the so-called powers-that-be in the US were a genuine friend to the Jewish People, then they'd be handing the Israeli leadership a carte blanche instead of their cockamamy "Road Map To Peace."

    Regardless of what either party says or does, in public or in private, Israel stands alone - HaShem's Lambs among HaShem's wolves.

    Would that all the Nations could focus on teshuvah and emunah and tikkun, but HaShem doesn't seem to be very interesting in funding His Own Kingship, but that's just my perspective. Either way, He's sure taking a long time with this seemingly backdoor approach to the Final Redemption. Oh well.... His will be done....

  5. I more or less agree with Crazy.

  6. the world is imperfect so are its leaders its called the tree of knowledge only Hashem is echad !There are evil men and leaders in israel and in the nations this is the sifting of the good and bad in the tree of knowledge preceeding the messiah !


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