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by Rabbi Nati @ Mystical Paths Blog and Burger Bar

“Yaakov left from Beer Sheva to Charan.”  A person should know that when a Jew is ascending from one level to the next level that all of the klipot are going to spread out against him because he overcame his Yeitzer Horah on this level. He is attacked by ‘dimyonot’. These are an aspect of “Haron-Af” Divine wrath or Dinim. (Each level includes the seven middot or the seven revealed s’feriot .)

Yaakov is representation of all Jews. So when a Jew goes up from his level, all the klipot of this new level immediately come and surround him. And this is a aspect of divine judgment. Yaakov was on the holy level which is called Beer Sheva, the level in it’s completion with all seven sefiros.”Vyalech charana” and he encountered wrath. This is because he has to merit this new level so he has to begin to work on his new Yeitzer Horah,

These troubles are not Hashem forbid that he has fallen its just that he is a the beginning of the new level and he has to work all over again.

He should not assume he has fallen this is the dimyon to think he has failed he should pay no attention to it he has to stand strong and continues and not give up. He must be stubborn and stand on his post and not waiver.

Vayifgah b’Makom” Yaakov went to the place, to Hashem,”The Place of the world”. This is because he stood his ground and ignored the dimyon that wants to mislead him so he found Hashem as he strove to the next level.

We too will arrive at the Geula no matter what the klipot and the Dinim or judgments’ through at us. They do not want us to succeed in overcoming them. We must hit the place through the mida of Gevurah!

We must through Azus D’ Kedusha and grab hold of HASHEM ‘Ha Makom’ and not let go!

And what is this knowledge?

That the Dinim we just encountered are not because we fell but rather Hashem is bringing us to a new level.

He strikes us to cause us to stand up and take action. This is the only way we can grow spiritually and to move on in our Avodas Hashem.

We can not afford to fall into constricted consciousness.

At all cost as the pressure mounts we must make a stand and pray and hang on there seems to be no logical reason for us to continue. This is in fact the very reason to hold on this is the sure sign that we are so very close to the Geula now.

We can make it if we but stand and bear the suffering of this the darkest of time and hold on to the truth.

The Torah of Truth, the ‘Toras Emes’

Rabbi Nati

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  1. Great article Nati, every day get's nuttier, you are right, we are not far off now.


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