Wednesday, November 03, 2010

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It’s the Jooos, DUCK!

  • The new Iraqi government reconfirmed the position of the former dictator Saddam Hussein that Israel is an enemy.
  • The Turkish government redefined their relationship with Israel from friendly to neutral to…an enemy and the number one threat to Turkey.
  • The (Catholic) Vatican Synod declared the Jews have no right to the holy land Israel and that the Jews are the main reason for the decrease of Xian populations throughout the Middle East.

…Islamic terrorists slaughtered a Catholic church full of worshippers in Iraq after failing in their negotiations for the “release of Muslim women held by the Xian Copts of Egypt”. 

…Islamic terrorists slaughtered a wide swath of Shite muslims with a series of coordinated bombings throughout Iraq.

…Unknown but presumably Islamic terrorists slaughtered over 22 people including 8 children in the Turkish capital with a suicide bombing in Turkey.

Seems to me every time anyone says “It’s the JOOOS”, it’s time to Duck and Cover!

Side Story -  The terrorists in Iraq demanding “the release of Muslim women held by the Xian Copts of Egypt”?  Now that’s too weird not to research a little more…

Two wives of Xian Copt priests [who knew Xian Copt priests could marry?] disappeared from their husbands and community for a few days.  After massive protests by the Copt community they were “returned” by Egyptian police to quell the public disturbances.

Later (much later) a video of one of them repeating the conversion phrase to Islam were released on the Internet (which may be authentic or may be people of similar appearance – the sides dispute this point).  Not that they might have been threatened or tortured or anything, of course not {though some articles note it’s not unknown for a Copt women to convert to Islam to escape a bad marriage that the Church won’t release}.  So the Copt community shipped them out of town to monasteries somewhere, and now the Islamists are demanding the return of the wives of the Copt priests who according to Islam are now Islamic.)  The wives have subsequently gone on the news saying it’s not them, it’s not so, and they were never interested in or converted to Israel.

But the Muslims of Egypt have it it figured out…it’s the JOOOS!!!!!

Al-Jezeerah TV Channel on September 15 - the Islamist and ex-secretary general of the International Union for Muslim Scholars, Dr. Selim Al-Awah, accused the (Coptic) Pope of running "a State within the Egyptian State" and the church of having its own militia and of hiding weapons and ammunition obtained from Israel in monasteries and churches, preparing for a war "against the Muslims," to divide Egypt and establish a so-called Coptic State…

(Egyptian) Salafi Sheikh Wagdy Ghoneim openly attacked the (Coptic) Pope, alleging the presence of weapons in monasteries and the Copts for fighting against the application of Sharia law in Egypt, calling on them to leave if they do not like it. He also attacked the Copts in the diaspora for siding with the Jews in the flotilla incident and for believing that should anything happen, the United States will come to save the Copts. He said "I swear by God, you will not have time stay alive until America and the West arrive, this is for your own good, if you understand. Do you think the Muslims inside Egypt will say thank you and may Allah give you health? No, by God."

See, it’s the JOOOS!!!


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