Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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The Beautiful Shore

Business took me to a conference at a Hotel/Conference center on Hertzaliya beach.  The view was stunning…


We attended our conference sessions and then networked on the hotel patio.  As we stood enjoying the beautiful view, the sailboats, a cool sea breeze and fantastic clear skies, several other people commented to me “it’s beautiful but I’d give it up for some rain, are you saying tefilot (prayers) for rain?”

Israel is in the midst of the rainy season…and not a cloud is in sight nor a rain drop falling.  Instead, cool breezes, sunny days, chilly nights.  It’s incredibly pleasant but silently terrible.  Everyone in Israel realizes a water DISASTER is in the making (G-d forbid).


I turned to those who asked me about tefilot (prayers) for rain and said, “you are Jews too, your prayers are as valuable as mine.  Who knows the measure of prayer?  A long beard or a big black kippah (yalmulka) is no guarantee my prayers will be more listened to than yours!  Add your tefilot to mine and we’ll have double the prayers.”  And one fellow added “and say them together and they’re times ten.”


Photo – Israeli navy patrol boat passes among sailboats just offshore by Hertzaliya, Israel.

Today we believe we control it all.  Economy, health, various aspects of life, environment…and in Israel in the strength of arms, war and peace, we’ve got an handle on it.  Israelis generally believe that war and peace is just a matter of negotiation and/or the right weapons systems.

But rain…rain EVERYONE acknowledges is still the purview of G-d.  And with the gentle reminder of BEAUTIFUL WEATHER  but no rain, many Israelis are suddenly mentioning Hashem and tefilot.


The curse of beautiful weather is a great kindness from Hashem.  Eretz Yisroel gets a chance to turn to Hashem without the fear of a war or a natural disaster, or major economic problems.  Just for the need of a little water.



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