Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Be B’Simcha (farbrengen video)

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  1. before mashiach ben yosef the jews are caught by the shells LITERALLY, despite this there is a yearning for geulah greatly both aspects are seen in this video as a microcosm . This is according to maimer hageulah ! before the day of Hashem the sitra achrah gets intense gra kol hator !This is called by the ramchal the fight of good vs bad blood in his analogy B'H in maimer hageulah . Chabads tikkun is outer spreading yiddishkite this is mashiach ben david chasadim mashiach ben yosef is inner tikkun tikkun kain B'H as explained in vayizcor elohim et rachel and ayin tikkunim chadashim both by the holy of holies the Ramchal .


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