Sunday, October 24, 2010

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What Do You Do For A Living?

image007by Reb Gutman Locks @

A while back, a guy asked me, “What do you do for a living?” I answered, “I have a pushcart, and I polish diamonds at the Kotel.”

    He looked at me as if I was nuts. He said, “Polishing diamonds is a good trade… but at the Kotel?”

     Okay, here’s what I meant: There are a few wooden carts at the Kotel that the workers use to gather up the scattered prayer books when they return them to the bookshelves. When I go to the Kotel in the afternoon to help with tefillin I use one of the carts for my tefillin stand. This way, I do not have to stand by the often-crowded tefillin booth, and I can talk to my “customers” without yelling.

image008So, for example, here are a couple of yesterday’s “customers”. They live in Germany (Why? I do not know.) They spoke English with a thick German accent, and they were traveling with a group of German tourists, but they are Jews. The father lucked out and married a Jewish girl, so his son is a Jew.

Now look at the two pictures. In the first picture, I am telling the teenage son, “You better marry a Jewish girl!” I say it nicely, but also in a way that they know that I am serious. Well, they thought that was really funny. I mean, who is this old guy they never saw before telling the boy what to do with his most personal life? They were laughing, but you can see from the picture that I am serious.

image009 (1)In the second picture, I was telling the father, (a little stronger) “Go on, tell him! Tell him that he has to marry a Jewish girl.” He told his son in German. They were happily laughing, but they knew that what I was saying was true. They understand that it is extremely important to marry a Jew, and that it is for their own good.

(You can get away with a lot more when you have a very gray beard ;~)

Anyway, this is what I mean when I say that I make my living with a pushcart, polishing diamonds at the Kotel. Oh… so how do I get paid? Hah! Try it for a while and see for yourself. Have the welfare of the Jewish people be your goal, and the money will come in exactly as you need it, and often from an entirely unexpected “source.”


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