Friday, October 22, 2010

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Tikun L’Zivug


Spotted on a Highway 4 exit to Petach Tikva / Bnei Brak…

Tikun L’Zivig – Spiritual Repair/Trick for finding your Mate

At Amuka - The holy resting place of the Tanna Hakodosh HaRav Yonoson Ben Uziel, zt”l.

With The Great Scholar and Tzadik HaRav Rafel Maemo, shlita.

On Wednesday, October 27, 2010.

Call 04-845-4490 for information (or from the US 011 +972 4-845-4490).  [ We don’t know Rav Maemo, by person or reputation, so can’t give any recommendation pro or con against contacting him.  We’re just translating the sign. ]

What’s Amuka?

"Our rabbis have taught: Hillel Hazoken had eighty disciples, thirty of whom were worthy of the Divine Spirit resting upon them as [it did upon] Moshe Rabbenu, thirty of whom were worthy that the sun should stand still for them [as it did for] Yehoshua ben Nun [and the remaining] twenty were ordinary. The greatest of them was Yonoson ben Uziel. . ."

It was said of Yonoson ben Uziel that when he used to sit and occupy himself with the study of the Torah, every bird that flew above him was immediately burnt. (Succah 28a.)

Nine-hundred-year-old written records link the final resting place of the tanna hakodosh Yonoson ben Uziel to Amuka, a place hidden in a wooded valley between Tsefas and Chatzor, north of the Biriya forest in Eastern Upper Galilee. Amuka, meaning "deep," derives its name from the fact that the grave is at the bottom of a gorge that bisects the high surrounding hills.

Hatanna hakodosh Yonoson ben Uziel is best known for his Aramaic translation of the Nevi'im.In Megillah 3a we read, "The targum of the Torah was composed by Onkelos the Ger under the guidance of R. Elozor and R. Yehoshua. The targum of the Nevi'im was composed by Yonoson ben Uziel under the guidance of Chagai, Zecharya and Malachi, and Eretz Yisroel quaked over an area of four hundred parsa by 400 parsa. A bas kol came out and said, `Who is the one who revealed My secrets to mankind?' Yonoson ben Uziel arose and said, `It is I who have revealed Your secrets to mankind. You know that I did not do so for my own honor nor for the honor of my father's house, but I have done it for Your honor, in order that dissension not increase in Israel.' "

According to another gemora in Megillah 3a, the tanna had also planned to author a translation- commentary on the Kesuvim, but was prevented from doing so by Shomayim so that he would not reveal the secret of the final redemption.

In a book called, Tovah Ri'iyata from 5734 (1974), it is said in the name of Rav Chaim Lichtenstein (who was niftar in 5725) that, "Prayer at the tsiyun, of Yonoson Ben Uziel is a segulah for shidduchim." This is the earliest written mention of the place being a segulah for shidduchim.

Explanations have been offered to explain the segulah. Some say that since Rav Yonoson never married, he helps others find their true mates as a kaporoh, but there seems to be no reason to believe that he in fact remained single.  Some, probably as a joke, use a source in Rashi on Yevomos 17a: "All pisulim that don't find a wife go there." The next Rashi begins "Vehi amuka," referring to the next statement in the gemora.


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