Sunday, October 10, 2010

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Tide with Arafat

This morning I was briefly viewing the US news via a well known news web site.  I rarely view US news videos anymore, the pompous yet uninformed presenters just turn my stomach.

In the midst of the video a commercial popped up for new Tide (laundry detergent) with Acti-lift.  Some music pops up with a teenage daughter confronting her mother about borrowing her clothes (which the mother denies while remembering a night out partying in the clothes and then runs to clean with Tide).  A pretty ridiculous glorification of youth culture, but not the point.  As I saw the images (not particularly immodest images follow, but not perfectly kosher either) something odd struck me…


What’s the girl wearing around her neck?  Living in Israel the pattern and appearance are quite distinctive.  Fortunately the commercial moves to a close up 10 seconds later…


I’m certain I’ve seen that somewhere before…

arafat_timecover arafat020925  arafat_khomeini2


Ohhh, got it.  The girl is wearing a PLO (the terrorist organization) keffiyah of the style of arch-terrorist Yasser Araft (y”m – may Hashem blot out his name).

The producers of the Tide with Acti-Lift commercial have snuck in a hidden message…we support terrorists and specifically terrorists that kill Jewish women, children, pregnant mothers, and innocent civilians in actions that qualify as war crimes but are ignored by the UN and international community.  Tide with Acti-Lift (Tide is sold in Israel by the way) either missed this or supports the destruction of Israel, slaughter of innocent civilians, and empowerment of terrorists.

This commercial is currently showing in the U.S. and Canada. 

There are two other possibilities. 

One is the ad agency people are recent graduates of university, where it’s become “cool” to be anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, and pro-terrorist.  So they’re not particularly trying to promote the death of innocent people but just be cool.

The other is it’s an intentional hidden message not to make a political statement but to pander to the muslim communities in the US and Canada (for sales).

All of these cases should give our US and Canadian readers reasons for concern.  These are the not-so-early signs of a swing of current culture toward those who hate and kill Jews.

My wife spotted another scene in the commercial.  The mother parties through a number of locations (very brief 2 second views).  One of the venues is arabian belly dancing.  See, arab culture is not only cool, it’s hot! (Not.)

The commercial is on YouTube here.  It’s not modest.

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  1. The readers in Canada where I was living really don't give much concern to what's happening on the ground. The 'multicultural' mentality refuses to recongnise any danger it presents. The laws make it impossible to say anything if there is even the slightest hint pointing to one group. They are done, but don't see it coming.


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