Monday, October 04, 2010


Signs of the Geulah

Once again we’re entering a period of signs of the Geulah (the redemption period).  Will it come today (G-d willing) or some time in the more distant future (G-d forbid it should continue to be delayed)…this NO ONE can say.  But sometimes the signs jump out that say it might be now or really really soon.  When they do we take notice…

(From YNetNews, pointed out by IsraellyCool)…Israel must not be tempted to adopt US President Barack Obama’s suggestion to declare a two-month settlement construction moratorium, as it may lead to a forced (peace) agreement with the Palestinians and a return to the 1967 borders, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Sunday.

“During my recent visit to the US I learned that Washington is planning to force a permanent agreement on Israel – two states for two peoples along the 1967 borders, plus-minus 3 or 4% of the territory exchanged,” Lieberman said. “This is the objective of a continued freeze – to give the US and the international community two months to come up with a solution that will be forced on Israel.”

According to the FM, in two months’ time “The US, along with the Quartet, the Arab League and the Palestinians will tell Israel, ‘This is the solution, take it or leave it. If you don’t, there is a price – a confrontation with the international community’. Therefore, we must not quit the coalition. It’s the only way to solidify a majority against the freeze, which is a decoy.”

gog and company[1] A solution being forced on Israel by the Quartet and the Arab League reads right out of the biblical prophets and the time of Gog uMagog.  Yechezkel 38 lists the nations involved, and the Quartet plus the Arab League fit perfectly.

Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman has the unique status of being relatively straightforward and plain spoke (for a politician).  No spin, straight poop.

Further, it makes significant sense that the Obama administration would be ready to ramp up it’s confrontations with Israel after the US election in early November.  President Obama has shown clearly that he sets his own direction (or follows the one that’s been bought) and isn’t influenced by Congress or the people of the United States.  If he doesn’t lose control of Congress from the November election he’ll push forward full throttle on all fronts of his agenda – which includes putting Israel in it’s place and solving the “Palestinian” problem.

And if he DOES lose control of Congress, it will likely be clear that his reelection prospects are limited and his domestic agenda will face regular confrontation with a Republican controlled Congress.  (He’s unlikely to co-opt his opponents agenda and refocus as a left leaning centrist as President Clinton did very successfully when faced with a similar past.)  So the ONLY area open to him to push fully without Congressional interference will be foreign policy.

In either case an Obama – Israel showdown is very POSSIBLE in the near term future.  Israeli FM Lieberman’s words provide the basis of the confrontation.

And that places us right into the words of the navi’im.

Not to fear, but the wise man prepares both spiritually and physically.


  1. moshiach 2 mounths

  2. I think perhaps the alert for the 20th of Cheshvan last year could really be for this year. Maybe this could be the "October Surprise" just 5 dyas before election day.

  3. I doubt Obama's handlers will keep him in the game much longer. He's not exactly pitching a no-hitter, but they knew he wouldn't before they even placed him on the mound. Just look at the bullpen. There's a rotation coming soon enough.

  4. I favorited this video about the real peace treaty that we can use

    Whether it comes soon or later, I'm looking forwared BH

  5. gog umagog is after we are taken out of edom by miracles according to ramchal and gra .your not gonna have your mashiach till there removed from golut !

  6. The name "Obama" is encoded in Ezekiel 38:2-3. I interpret this as either Obama being gog himself, being involved in some way, and/or that it will occur during Obama's term. I feel cerain that Obama is not re-electable. This makes it look convincing that the messianic prophecies will unfold by late 2012the latest. This is what I think, but I wouldn't gamble on it just to be safe and neither should anyone else.


    "Arab Leaders Tell US: You Have ONE MONTH to Pressure Israel
    ARAB leaders give AMERICA one month to pressure Israel into a building freeze. Abbas may push for unilateral establishment of PA state (LOL)"

  8. Arabs Back PA & Give the US 1 Month to Squeeze Israel

    Reported: 20:16 PM - Oct/09/10

    Ministers from Arab states say they support the Western-backed Palestinian Authority's decision to stop direct talks with Israel unless the Israelis agree to halt all Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria.

    The ministers also said, however, in a statement after meeting on Friday that they will give the United States another month to find a way to pressure Israel into renewing the construction ban.


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