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Rashi Speaks to NOW!

muro The Torah begins with the creation of the world.  The most famous Jewish commentor on the Torah, Rabbaynu Rashi (our teacher Rashi) brings the most famous comment on the Torah…

Rabbi Yitzchok said, it was not necessary to begin the Torah, who’s main objective is to teach the commandments, with the verse “In the Beginning”.  Instead it should have started with (the first mitzvah of the Torah) “This month shall be the beginning of months”.

Why does it begin with “In the beginning?”

The power of His works.  He has declared to His people in giving them the heritage of the (7 canninite) nations."

And (if) the nations of the world say to Israel “You are robbers because you have seized by force the lands of the seven nations (of cannan), they (Israel) shoudl say to them “the entire world belongs to the Holy One, Blessed Be He.  He created it and gave it to whomever it was right in his eyes.   Of His own will He gave it to them and of His own will He took it from them and gave it to us.”

WHY did Rashi write in this, the very first comment on the Torah, that the NATIONS...not the peoples thrown out of Israel but the 70 nations of the world, would come to Israel and say "you stole it"???

Rashi lived around the year 1100 CE, in medieval France.  The Jewish people were dispersed, downtrodden, had a small presence in the Holy Land and no active possibilities for returning at that time.  Further in Rashi’s time the “nations” didn’t operate as such.  Rather, the world was a series of city-states or rather city-kingdoms.  The crusades were in progress and Jews tended to find themselves unpleasantly in the way.

In the midst of all this Rashi writes that the nations of the world are going to stand up and accuse Israel of stealing her land, the Holy Land.  Rashi could NOT be talking about his time, for the possibility of the Jewish people controlling the Land of Israel was a fantasy (and a matter of faith for the future).

Rather, Rashi wrote it for right now, our time. This is the only time the nations have come and said "you stole it".

This is a prophecy by Rashi and an answer to the dilemma facing the Jewish people RIGHT NOW.  Rashi tells us what we can answer, how we MUST answer...

We MUST believe that Israel is G-d's gift to the Jews and we must tell them that, straight out. No other answer will satisfy or help.  No treaty will be accepted, no compromise considered “reasonable”.

Rashi’s speaking to the Jewish people RIGHT NOW.


  1. Spelling?!
    "who's" = who is.
    You meant "whose"
    Also, capitalization and spelling of "7 canninite"
    Rabbi Yitzchok said, it was not necessary to begin the Torah, who’s main objective is to teach the commandments, with the verse “In the Beginning”. Instead it should have started with (the first mitzvah of the Torah) “This month shall be the beginning of months”.

  2. Nu? So isn't that what Bibi's doing?

  3. I love your spelling great point if only israel would stop delaying mashiach by giving there men and women to strangers. why does everyone care about sheleimut haaretz but us ? Can rashi intercede he spent his whole life learning ? can the chafetz chaim he did too ? can we WAKE up already . western civilization / money has blinded the jewish people from spirituality ! If we dont wake up were always woken up , count the pogroms , and ovens , and inquisitions, and crusades . ENOUGH DAI !!!! we want mashiach ad matai but we musat tell the nations our first rashi , to the lithuanian yeshivas its not shatz its not kabbalah ! so you tell them too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where were you when mordechai eliyahu pleaded with you to comer to gush katiff and you didnt . ALL of you study this rashi memorize it till you can tell the vatican / pope , eu , pa , hamas , achminikjav , un , leftist jews , obama . we then did the nachshon jumped in the sea showed emunah not just talked emunah now its up to Hashem to split it . AZ yashir moshe in the plural rashizl this refers to TODAY gogumagog !

  4. Anonymous, I guess you are relatively new here. I was there during the gerush. And since then I've brought my whole family to Israel.

    I stand by my learning.

  5. HaShem gave us the Land. We can make all the moral arguments for our right to be here. There is one that we cannot make. Therefore we must answer the first Rashi in Bereshit. Jews are returning to their properties that were stolen from them in 1948 in the Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood in Yerushalayim. Arabs have similar claims for their former properties in Katamon. One could make the moral argument that if Jews can return to their deeded properties in Shimon HaTzaddik, surely Arabs can return to their deeded properties in Katamon. In both cases "squatters" are living in their rightfully owned homes. In this case our only answer is the first Rashi on Bereshit. G-d gave us the Land of Israel. May He have mercy on us if the nations come against us this year.


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