Thursday, October 14, 2010


Prayers at Kever Rochel

kever_rochel Rochel Imaynu, our fore-mother Rochel as we learn from the Torah was buried on the road to Bet Lechem.  Her kever, her holy burial place, was known and cared for throughout the centuries and is still there today.  We’re told Momma Rochel cries for her children, all of Klal Yisroel (the people of Israel).

Mamma Rochel’s yaretzheit is Monday night.  Rabbi Nati and Reb Akiva (and our wives) are offering to take your prayer request to Kever Rochel on her yaretzheit, to be read out at her kever in the merit of your tzedakah (charity).

Why charity?  By offering to those in need you help open the gates to your prayers.  Your charity will go to Rav Nati’s Yesh Ma L’asot (spreading the path of hope through emunah) and Yedidim (helping troubled youth through mentoring).  Both are registered Israeli Jewish charities helping those in need in Israel.

Why us?  Many wonderful charitable organizations are offering to bring your request.  But if you’d like two chassidim you know to just get the job done with no overhead, 100% to charity, you’ve come to the right place.

How much?  That’s for you to decide.  We accept ANY amount you consider worthy.  $1 or $100, we don’t judge your charity, what you can do or what it means to you.  Every bit of charity is precious beyond measure!

Donate and enter your prayer request here:

Sorry, the opportunity has passed.  Donate button removed.

And here's a video of the journey to Momma Rochel on her yaretzheit 2 years ago...


Tuvia said...

The donate button is not working for this! It says outdated or problem with bookmark. I would like to do the kever rochel prayer but how? I do not see an email to contact you also?

Anonymous said...

The proper English language transliteration is Yahrzeit or Yahrtzeit.

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