Monday, October 25, 2010

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POTD: Strange and Scary

#1 - When I travel from Israel this is NOT the experience I’m thinking of…


She’s waiting for you…her and her red floppy leather glove.

Spotted near Bnei Brak of all places.  (It says, “Flying to Europe, the most savings… Munich, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Berlin”).

#2 Yum, giant plastic chassidim whetting your appetite…



The sign says, “THE JEWISH RESTAURANT – Authentic Jewish Food !”

Guy #1 has on his plate…a chicken, french fries, olives, cucumber and tomato salad, and okra.  Guy #2 has a fish, machine extruded gefilte fish ovals with a carrot slice, beet-colored horseradish, a slice of lemon and some unidentifiable small red balls (no crude comments please!)

Yeah!  Waiters in shtreimels serving in a restaurant serving traditional European foods such as french fries, olives, cucumber and tomato salad, okra, lemon, and U.S. designed machine produced gefilte fish ovals.  Authentic?  Not.

Giant scary weird statues of chassidim, ahhhhh!

#3 What the…


“The Deer Bakery” ???  In little letters, “Dad’s Bakery, open 24 hours”.

So if you’re hankering for some pie at 3:00 AM with a slice of deer and a coke, stop on by.

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  1. Yeah, those are hilarious signs that crack me up whenever I see them.


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