Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Let Go!

image005 (1)by Reb Gutman Locks @ The Mystical Paths Restaurant and Laundromat


    What am I to do with worry and tension? It gets so bad, I can’t function!


    Without a certain amount of tension, we could not move. Tension, like all things, comes for a good reason. That is, if it is coming to guide us to move in the direction that we want to go.

     When tension comes, look to see what problems are causing it. Are there things that you are supposed to be doing in order to accomplish what you want? Then obviously, that tension should be put to good use. Direct or funnel it so it so it moves where you want to go.

     However, what usually happens is that we are tense about things that we cannot do anything about…Iran, the economy, China taking over the world, the plane is late, and on and on. Tension over these kinds of things needlessly adds to our burdens.

image006 (1)     Even tension over things that we can do something about, but cannot take care of it at that moment, should not be a source of added tension. For instance, if someone is bothering you at the office and it is really disturbing you, and now you are walking down the street complaining about it to yourself… you are actually adding to the disturbance. At that moment, that person is doing nothing to you, but because you are hashing it over and over, you are bringing that disturbance with you even when you are away from it!

     What to do? It’s simple. Just let go. How can you let go of these extremely important issues that keep coming up over and over again? Here is what you do:

     Make a fist. Squeeze it tightly until it starts to hurt. Now open your hand. Just relax it. The same way that you relaxed your hand, so can you relax your mind. Try it. Every time those disturbing thoughts return, let go of them just as you let go of your fist. If they persist, they persist because you are holding onto them. If you do not want to hold on to them, then let them go.


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