Monday, October 04, 2010

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Jews at Home

I sat in the cellphone service center being waited on by a technician.  Not knowing all the Hebrew terms for the problems with my phone, I spoke with the technician in English.

An elderly clean shaven man was escorted to the seat to my left.  He was blind with a seeing eye dog.  He spoke to his technician in Russian.

To my right a balding younger man was trying to rush his technician in Hebrew, he was in work coveralls and had to get to his next customer.

As the elderly blind man was handed his phone after some adjustments, he called a friend to test it.  “Baruch Hashem” he said, “they fixed it right up for me.”

As the young worker to my right was handed his phone he responded “Toda L’ail (Thanks be to G-d) I can finally get out of here!”.

As my technician handed me a temporary phone and told me mine wouldn’t be ready till later in the week (when I wouldn’t be in the area) I responded “Oy, Baruch Hashem, any way you can have it ready by the evening before so I can get it while I’m in the area?”

Just some Jews thanking G-d for the good, the not so obviously good, and the annoying, at home together in Israel.

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  1. I had a lovely dream that I Jewish and was shopping with my Jewish family. Then I woke up to my present reality. Thank Heaven for dreams!


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