Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Here Is Another One

image005 (2)by Reb Gutman Locks @ The Mystical Paths Credit Bureau

Yechiel is learning here in Jerusalem for the year. Soon after he arrived, for some reason, he started making it a habit to come to the tefillin stand every afternoon to help put tefillin on the visitors. He was at the Kotel for minchah(afternoon prayers) and saw the other guys doing it, and without any particular burning desire he just gravitated to it.

He has become an almost daily, active volunteer. He says that it is the best part of his day. It not only helps the people he helps, but it makes him happy, too. It is fulfilling. He feels that he is doing something important.

It is amazing that this outreach thing has not caught on more. Not only does it help the person you are reaching out to, it is the very solution for your own spiritual elevation. This is surely enough reason to do it, but not only that, it even makes you happier, too. You actually look forward to doing it.

image006 (2)So the question has to be, why aren’t you doing it? The excuses usually go like this; it’s not for me, it’s just not the way I am, I mean it’s embarrassing to go ask someone to do a mitzvah, I hate to be rejected, I help in other ways, I am so busy, … and on and on. But you know what? You can very easily start your own little mitzvah route. Even if you only help one or two people a day, you will begin to change the world. Look around. You’ll see. There is someone out there waiting for you. Tefillin, a charity box, Shabbos candle kit…. something that will help that Jew on his spiritual journey home.  Send me the stories. I’d love to share in your joy.


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