Thursday, October 28, 2010


A Call to the Righteous

Guest Post by Rabbi Ariel bar Tzadok of
reprinted with permission

As goes America so will go Israel, be it for good or evil.  I am not referring to the people or the land, but rather to the government.... the secular socialist state is destined to be toppled.  Once the U.S. is not the big boy on the block any more looking over Israel's shoulder, then the enemies will gather to attack, then we'll start to see some prophecies fulfilled.... but the present state, in all its "glory" is destined to go.  I am a patriot, at one time for the state, but now for the people... all of G-d's people, whoever and where ever they be.

The forces of evil in this world have always been subtle and deceptive. Nothing at all has changed! Evil seeks to divide and conquer. And that is exactly what evil is doing!

G-d fearing, sincerely religious people of moral integrity, who believe in what's right and who can tell the difference between right and wrong are under massive attack. It is not their bodies being assaulted (at least not yet), but rather their minds.

People's beliefs are manipulated and intentionally confused. The lines between right and wrong are more and more becoming blurred. Right and wrong are switching places and the majority does not see it or even seem to care.

Like sheep being led to the slaughter the vast majority of people do not even see that they are biting the hand that feeds them and slitting their own throats. Like mindless fools drugged and zombie-like, so many today repeat manta-like sayings without even paying attention to what they mean and examining where they really come from.

No one bothers to make the effort to think for themselves any more. The modern media thinks for us and tells us what to believe and what is right and wrong. Those who control the media control the thoughts of all those who cling to the media as people once clung to the Bible and faith. Indeed, the modern media has become the "new Torah' or the "new Gospel." What TV and the movies presents, that is what we are supposed to emulate, follow and obey. "Down with the old and in with the new." This is the "mantra." Yet, the old they seek to destroy is the Way of G-d, the new they seek to impose is G-d-less secularism, atheism and governmental control of everything "from cradle to grave."

To accomplish this most malevolent of goals, people are taught to focus all their attentions upon pleasing oneself and to getting more for oneself. Helping one's neighbor and reaching out at the personal and communal level is forgotten. "Let the government handle it," we are taught. Thus we "vote" to give government more and more powers, while the individual rights, endowed in us by our Creator are striped away, until there will be nothing left. And all the while all the masses do is eat and drink and seek to satisfy themselves. Lethargy, laziness (of mind and body), gluttony and obesity are psychological states, long before they become physical ones.

People have forgotten about how to live for G-d and thus they have become blind to the movement of the Hand of G-d. They have reduced G-d to being a subject of doctrines that one either believes in or rejects. Thus many good and moral people of differing faiths (or religions) reject one another all because their cannot agree on the fundamentals of doctrine. This is the evil deception that seeks to divide and conquer the righteous.

We can all agree on the fundamentals of faith, morals, and the meanings of right and wrong. Yet, in doctrine, in the domain of our thoughts and theology, this is where we differ. From here comes the divisions that divide the righteous. Yes, evil knows well how to manipulate the rotten forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge Good and Evil still churning in our proverbial bellies.

Our knowledge as human beings is blemished ever since we ate of that forbidden fruit. Therefore, G-d does not judge man by his doctrines. G-d does not ask one what is in his head, rather G-d asks what is in one's heart. All that we have left that can be pure, right and good is our hearts. We recognize righteousness with our hearts. We recognize each other through our hearts. We must stand together with united heart. Those of proper heart follow proper actions. This is what is pleasing in the eyes of G-d.

Long ago, in the days of Noah, right after the flood, G-d began to maneuver world events to begin the redemption of the world. This did not begin with the creation of a Jewish state in the ancient homeland of Israel, it began long before it. The redemption process began centuries before Mt Sinai, where G-d revealed His Laws and His Ways. G-d chose Israel to be His messengers, to serve as a nation of priests and a light and beacon to all nations how to walk the righteous path. Yet, Israel did not serve G-d alone, for there were many righteous of the nations, who although they may not have known it, still served the Creator in truth, each within the context of their own cultures and religions. These righteous of the nations intuitively knew G-d's moral code and lived by it. As it was then, so it remains today.

Israel was and is destined to return and to stay in the ancient Holy Land, as prophecy has so often declared. But G-d's way of bringing this about is through a most mysterious path. G-d ordained that by "placing Esau's head in Isaac's lap," His plan for the world would be fulfilled. This is a reference to an ancient Torah legend that metaphorically says how in the "End of Days" (these days) the "best of Esau would return to father Issac and take their place at the side of their brother Jacob." For this is the "king of Edom" who reigns before there is a "King in Israel."

Long ago, the ancient Sages foresaw with Divine inspiration that in the "End of Days" before the coming of Mashiah, G-d would allow three "evil kings" to seek dominion over all of humanity. For centuries the identities of these "kings" were debated, until they manifested in the 20th century and their identities were revealed. It became evident that as with all ancient prophecy the term "king" was a metaphor and actually spoke of types of governments rather than actual individuals. The three evil kings predicted long ago are clearly known today as Fascism, Socialism and Communism. Each of these three forms of government seek to rob the individual of their inalienable human rights endowed upon us by our Creator. Each of these evil kings seek to rob the soul and to enslave it to themselves, "from cradle to grave" and even beyond.

Step one these three "evil kings" take is to deny the Creator, but they do this in a most subtle and devious way. Rater than deny G-d outright they instead deny G-d's Law, G-d's authority and G-d's word. These faces of evil declare that they proclaim a higher morality, a higher good, a social justice that is equal and right for everyone. Yet, the wise quickly come to see that which is equal for everyone is only their level of slavery. For when everyone becomes the same, then no one remains an individual. No one is special any longer, everyone becomes mediocre. This is the descent into slavery. And the new masters proclaim, "all are equal, but some are more equal than others." This is the "mantra" of tyrants.

The descent into slavery begins with a lie and is maintained with a lie. The lie is that the old system based upon the Bible and morality is inherently unequal, unfair and thus by definition evil and needs to be replaced. In the name of their new battle-cry for what they claim is "social justice," these deceivers seek to take control of everything and be in charge of everything, so that they can make sure that there will be their version of equality for all. Yet, all this insures is that everyone will be equally enslaved. And again, when all will be equal, we will find some will be more equal than others.

In the beginning it was G-d who ordained for man to strive and to work and thus be able to benefit from the fruits of his labors. It violates the Ten Commandments law "thou shall not steal" to think that one group of people have the right to take away the fruits of the labors of one to provide benefits for others who did not earn them. When government claims an authority and uses it to take from the rich to give to whomever it likes, this is institutionalized theft. This is evil, and the common denominator of the three evil kings who even now continue to seek dominion over all peoples everywhere.

The way of the evil kings is to continue feeding the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, Good and Evil to the masses. Feed the masses massive amounts of false and confusing information, which we otherwise know as propaganda and eventually the truth will become forgotten and all that will remain true is the big lie.

Adolph Hitler, the National Socialist (Nazi), said it well when he said, tell the big lie long enough and it becomes the truth. For so long the great lie has been told against the authority of the Bible, traditional American values and Israeli sovereignty over its ancient homeland, that the two nations, America and Israel have become endangered species. Both are under attack even by citizens of their respective countries. More and more the unthinking masses, just like slaves, listen to their faith-less masters and blindly believe and follow whatever it is they see on television. There is no freedom in this. This is the pit, the proverbial 50th level of uncleanliness, the dregs of slavery.

So many run around today seeking rights and liberty for this or that cause and they are willing to kill, maim and destroy in order to achieve their goals. For these brainwashed masses, it does not matter how those opposed to their beliefs must suffer, be humiliated and eventually be totally removed, even by violent methods. For the brainwashed, all that matters is the fight, the irrational twisted cause they are taught to embrace and to hate for. Yes, those who proclaim that they seek the rights of others really are not doing so. Instead, they are seeking to take away the rights of those who they view as holding different opinions than theirs. By nature, blind slaves hate seeing free men, and if they have the opportunity to enslave the free, they do so, all because their foolish insanity blinds them and leads them astray from G-d and His Law.

As long as governments can control so many aspects of the lives of their peoples, then this is the same dire situation that was faced by Israel, when they were slaves in ancient Egypt. A government big enough to give you everything, is big enough to take away from you everything! As it was in ancient Egypt, so is it happening again today. We have returned to Egypt and we do not even see it!

Unless people rise up and not only proclaim their freedom, but fight for it, maintain it and safeguard it, then they will lose it forever, and worse, they might not know what happened to them until it is way too late for them to do anything about it. This might have already happened, but we are still obligated by natural law and every definition of what is right and moral to fight it.

Everything that is good and right is under terrible assault. Everyone today who holds by what is good and right are under assault. They are condemned as being politically incorrect and socially shunned. Eventually they will be condemned as "thought criminals," people whose only crime is what they believe. Although our thoughts today cannot land us up in jail (at least not for the most part), just you wait! The creeping forces of evil will soon criminalize you for even believing in things that we know to be right and good. For the crimes of your beliefs you will be hunted down, prosecuted, and if you are lucky sent to a concentration style camp for "reeducation" purposes. This is the way it was in communist countries and will also soon be the way in all western socialists states. Evil moves slowly, but it moves methodically.

We will be fed all kinds of lies about national security and the needs to make peace. These arguments sound good and can be manipulated to deceive even the most sincere. Israel is being dismantled from within with such deception. The United States has long been under attack from radical (communist/socialist) types from within, that seek to tear the country apart from the insides. We see that the forces of evil are so actively alive in the media and on the college campuses, creating so much confusion and destruction. When America eventually falls because the good people here can no longer stand against the evil ones here who are destroying them, Israel will be toppled overnight.

The fate of the two nations are integrally intertwined. As much as evil individuals in America seek to turn against Israel, know, this is because they have first turned against their own country, the United States. These so-called "progressives" embrace ungodly agendas and are defiantly proud of it! They are enemies of freedom, in whatever forms it takes, be it a free America, a free Israel or a free individual human being.

G-d is watching over us. G-d will bless the good people of all walks of life everywhere, But we must finally realize who our true friends are and who are our true enemies. United we stand, divided we fall.

People of G-d, believers in the Holy Word, we have to unite and stand together against a deceptive evil foe that seeks to divide us and conquer. Our redemption is near, but we still have a way to go before we get there. It is our destiny to stand together and we can no longer tolerate prejudice, lies and fear to keep us apart. As Moses cried out at the foot of Sinai upon witnessing the Golden Calf, "who is for the L-rd, let him come to me."


  1. 1. I don't know why Rav Tzadok concludes that Socialism is an evil on the par with Communism. It is part and parcel Communism unfulfilled. It is not a separate evil from Communism. The third evil must be something else, perhaps Radical Islam.

    2. Secondly, the Final Redemption is not dependent on America. America's message to the world to serve G-d in order to make money has reached its conclusion in history. It may have been the greatest gentile nation in history, but its goal to build Olam HaZeh takes it to the 33rd level of purity, not the 50th. Only Israel has the covenant to build Olam HaBa by doing what is right for its own sake. America does not have that as part of its Constitution or other founding documents even though it was built as a nation under G-d. Therefore, the Redemption of Mankind is going to come from Tzion. It will not be partnered with America. Perhaps this Redemption will come the hard way, but it is fast on its way speedily in our days. Otherwise this was a good article.

  2. America is behind much of Israels problem. They themselves are working with the enemies within and without to destroy us. We need a leader who will tell the US where to go.

  3. The geulah will come from america , not israel I hope thats ovious by now 62 years into the erev rav state that should never have been . People are very connected to nachash in america mistaking the skin for god . In Israel people are brainwashed into zoombies how else could 25 years of oslo fly in israeli jewish faces ?!The more sinister part of the state is thats truly ruled by edom it cant make a decesion on national security without excuse the pun , sucking up to edom . This is the way until Hashem brings mashiach .

  4. america is am-reikah empty mother its all nachash ! reikah =315 =7.45 the 7 kings who RULED in edom before there was a king in israel ! Another words the nachash of america rules the erev rav and erev zeir of israel for there roots are very similar ! Scary ! this is the way until Hashem says Dai and brings mashiach !

  5. the nachash chases israel it has since jacob and esau born with a snake birthmark . thats the way to be chased by the nachash . thats why were always running the nachash is running , Mashiach is in this sitra achra and moses was a prince in egypt !When the cry because of nachash reaches the King he remembers his pact with the Avot and destroys the nachash from the world . And because of this book the zohar youll leave the exile in mercy . But WE dont learn zohar so the exile has become routine not repugnant to most !


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