Sunday, October 10, 2010

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Are They Out To Get Me?

Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not actually out to get me.

Nine months ago a mass murdering terrorist who targeted and murdered Jewish men, women, and children, innocent civilians that in any other country would be considered a war crime, traveled to Dubai.  While there he met with a number of contacts from Iran.  While we don’t know why, it is easily presumed it was to arrange money and/or weapons and/or support for additional murderous plans.

While he was relatively well known, both his identity and his actions, he was warmly welcomed to Dubai.  He was not arrested, he was not harassed.  His meeting were not monitored, his actions were not stopped.

While there he was assassinated.  By whom is unknown, though due to the professional level of the assassination and that most of his previous targets were Jews in Israel it was assumed to be Israel.

Israel was castigated for this extra-judicial killing.  Dubai was NOT castigated for ignoring the presence of a mass murdering international war criminal terrorist.  The mass murdering international war criminal terrorist was not castigated for murdering innocent civilian women, children, and men.

One of the primary points for which Israel was castigated was the assassination team’s use of falsified passports from a number of countries.  Condemnations rang in from Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand (among others) and a number of these countries expelled Israeli diplomats (though there was and still is no proof that the people involved were from Israel).  International criminal arrest warrants were issued for 30 or so suspects identified by the Dubai police and carrying passports from those countries, though no international criminal arrest warrant was issued for the mass murdering international war criminal terrorist who had been assassinated.

Approximately 3 months later a team of about 15 deep undercover spies from Russia were caught in the United States.  This was a very unusual group that had been in the US for over 10 years and arrived as married couples and had children while in the US.  Interestingly they arrived from Britain, France, Germany, and Ireland with falsified British, French, German, and Irish passports.

Strangely, Britain, France, Germany and Ireland did NOT castigate Russia (who was the proven source of the spies and passports).  International condemnations did NOT ring out against Russia, nor were international criminal arrest warrants issued.

Rather, the United States and Russia quietly exchanged captured agents a few weeks later.  No other country involved raised a peep.

Today the Wall Street Journal reported that a particular investigation point came to a dead end on the Dubai investigation.  Israel remains castigated for falsifying passports with no proof.  Yet Russia, who took the same action without a mass murdering international war criminal terrorist as a target (only for spying purposes) remains unmentioned while standing forth proven of the action.

When the Jews and Israel complain “they’re out to get us”, there are facts in place that show “indeed they are”.

Sometimes I hope that demonstrating the truth will make a difference.  But the wise among the Jewish people realize that we have no one to rely upon except our Father in Heaven.

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  1. From what I had been made aware, they where trying to get him alive, but it went wrong. They where going to make an exchange for an unfortunate lefty who's been in captivity.


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