Thursday, September 02, 2010


What Musical Instrument Did King Dovid Play?


by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

King Dovid played a ten-stringed musical instrument. The Moshiach will play on an eight-stringed instrument, and in the World to Come, the music will again be played on ten strings.

     Twenty-five years ago, I first heard of the custom to listen to music on motzei Shabbos (Saturday night). Music, especially when combined with mysticism, can bring some of the holiness of Shabbos into the week. So, I decided to make a musical instrument just for this purpose.

     I found plans for an eight-stringed lyre, which I carved from various types of wood (pictured above).  It is very beautiful, but its tone is not so sweet. Then, I designed and crafted a beautiful instrument that has a very pleasing tone. This lyre has ten-strings (also pictured above).

     I tuned it to sound like the waterfalls I heard in Hawaii. Many years later, I read in a book on the history of musical instruments that the exact tuning which I thought I had invented was used on a ten-stringed instrument shipped from China to Japan well over 1,000 years ago.

     When I play, I try to visualize what will happen when the Moshiach comes. What will we see when G-d’s Presence is revealed? The whole world will know peace. There will be no more wars, the sick will be healed, and the blind will see. The righteous among the dead will come back to life. We will actually see our Forefathers Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov. All of the holy Prophets will live again. The Third and Final Temple will come. It will be made of a brilliant light, and it will stand right here In Jerusalem. What will all of this look like? It could happen at any minute.

     Sometimes I invite a few guests to sit with me when I play, and I encourage them to visualize these wonderful things. Now, I have a short video of me playing, so, if you like, you too can join me while I play.

     As to why the number of strings change with the times: King Dovid lived in a time when there was much joy, and severe hardships. His scale of tones was from the highest to the lowest. When the Moshiach comes, there will only be good. His scale will be just the upper notes, the highest tones. In the World to Come, we will see that even the lowest notes were good, so the music there will be played on all ten strings.


  1. Thank you for your beautiful geuladik post. Wonderful timing, hashgacha. K'siva v'Chasima Tova to everyone.


  2. Very nice Gutman. Your craftsmanship is excellent. The music was wonderful.

    I was in the rova last week and saw you there, but you seemed quite preoccupied so I passed on by. Maybe another time just to say hello.

    Shabbat Shalom

  3. Time fly's when having fun, actually it was 2 weeks ago since I was last there Gutman.

  4. I could very well be mistaken but I think I just saw mention of David HaMelech playing a five-stringed intstrument in the Tikkunei Zohar.

    Not trying to dispute your post, I can't claim to really understand the Tikkunei Zohar so even if it did say that, who knows exactly what it was referring to.


  5. David ben yishai is gematria shechina 386, more then anyone but moses he was connected to the shechina . According to many thats why he was always chased . according to tikkuni zohar 1squared to 10 squared = 386 shechina =r't and s't baruch shem cavod =386!Whatever bottom line it says I will bless and im fit to bless !

  6. Tonight is the 24th of elul the yahrtzeit of the chafetz chaim rabbi yisrael meir kagen . author of ahavat chesed and the mishnah breur. He was a tottal oved Hashem rare even in biblical times . Please everyone light a yahrtzeit candle for him and pray for your needs and the ours the revelation of mashiach so this big mess of a dor will be go from the straights to salvation as explained by the gra in kol hator B"D

  7. Thank you for this beautiful music...

    It does speak of rest and harmony..

  8. but what is the mystic meaning of the number of stringes? why 10 and 8?


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