Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Too Hard

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

A commentor wrote, “So, if HaShem demands emunah, then why does HaKodesh Baruch Hu leave one literally stuck in an anti-emunah environment?

Can you plant a rose bush in the ground at the South Pole and expect it to survive and grow? And who has the money to build and maintain a hot house garden at the South Pole? Last time I checked there weren't any "grants" being given to individuals desirous of constructing a green house in the Antarctic.

I trust that the metaphor is clear enough.”

The Zohar HaKodesh writes that this is the worst of all possible worlds…in which there is still hope.

It is HARD.  It is CHALLENGING.  It takes time, effort, self sacrifice to overcome the animal part of our natures and focus on the G-dly.  Even more time, effort and self sacrifice to use that G-dly focus to invest it into the physical world around us.

It is POSSIBLE but it is NOT EASY.

Self sacrifice?  Yes, sometimes we are told to act in ways that contradict our ‘natural’ inclinations.  Fast – but we want to eat.  Eat only certain proper foods – but we want what’s cheap and tasty.  Pray – but we want to get on with our day.  Give charity – give away the hard earned payment for my labor???  Be kind to another – who’s got the time, get out of my way!

Give up my home to move close to a synagogue so I can walk on Shabbat? Are you crazy? Give up my non-Jewish girlfriend? But she’s hot! Spend my time learning Torah instead of watching TV? That’s not entertaining!

Yes, some situations aren’t so simple.  We appear to be stuck, encounter barriers we can’t naturally overcome.  That’s when we must PRAY, when we must have EMUNAH (faith), when we must DO OUR PART and have BITACHON (trust) that Hashem will do His and open the path for us.

We must STRIVE and strive again, push and work at it and push farther.  Make some small steps, incremental improvements, baby steps, and gradually push through and achieve!  And occasionally JUMP OFF THE CLIFF and trust in Hashem.

…if it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it.  If it was free it would have little value.

Push…you never know what you can achieve!


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