Sunday, September 26, 2010

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There is One - Audio Book

Reb Gutman Locks has taken his book There is One and created an audio-book edition available for free! Here's the first track, from the Old City, Jerusalem, Eretz Yisroel...

If you enjoyed it, the whole book can be listened to from this site or downloaded, here.

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  1. Akiva, this is not on topic, but the other day I had the privlege of visiting Hadassah. Upon arrival the taxi dropped us off, and lo and behold, we had to go through the mall. I was bleeding rather badly from a confrontation with a disc katan and wanted to get through to the emergency room as quick as possible. I thought immediatly of you and your son's adventure and thought back then, no way. I surely laughed at it. Thank G-d though as busy as the emergency room was, the doctors had me stitched up and we where on our way in an hour and half. Please, next time take photo's so I don't have to prove what you said to be true the hard way. ;-). Hope you and your family are having a joyous sukkot.


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