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Peace Fatalism

Commentary by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Several commentors and other blogs have written about the current tragety of the brutal slaughter of 4 Jewish souls in the name of peace, writing about the sadness of event and crying out to Hashem.

The secular Israeli government takes a similar position.  “We will not let these ‘opponents’ of peace stop the process”, while the blood of the innocent civilians slaughtered (a war crime) hasn’t even dried.

In both cases there’s a serious element of fatalism.  The secular government says “we can’t do anything about it, אין מה לאשות”.  The Americans or world say “well, these people just can’t help themselves, there’s nothing we can do about it”.

And the religious Jewish community says “we must cry out to Hashem”.

NOBODY SAYS lets do something.  Let’s say NO to a peace process with people crying out for war and death of Jews daily.  Let’s say NO to an incompetent US administration who’s advisors have directly said they’re out to get us.

This enemy has demonstrated very little interest in peace.  They have not created the internal conditions or led their own people to the state of mind to be interested in peace.  Instead, they keep their people riled up and ready for war and bloodshed at all times.  They teach their children to be prepared to sacrifice their lives to kill the enemy.

Their enemy…pregnant Jewish women.  Their enemy…Jewish children in kindergartens.  Their enemy…me.

It’s time for it to be said loud and clear.  We will NOT waste our time with false peace efforts.  We will not try to make peace with an enemy that demonstrates no desire for it.  We will not be led into peace efforts to burnish the election credentials of an American administration.

We will sacrifice NO MORE of our women and children on the altar of Moloch and peace.  There must be no more “risks for peace” that only result in the deaths of innocent Jewish civilians.

These people do not desire peace.  They do not talk peace.  They do not teach peace.

As such, they must be CONTAINED.  That is the MOST peaceful thing Israel can do.

Yes, we must cry out to Hashem.  AND THEN we must do what we can do.  We do our part and Hashem will do His.  Our part is to stop the madness of false peace.  Raise our voices and let them be heard.


  1. The Lubavitcher Rebbe clearly warned the Israeli government to stand up to world pressure and to declare that all of Eretz Yisrael belongs to the Jews. He also warned the Israeli government to refuse the Land for Peace formula.
    The Rebbe said never to even talk about giving up any portion of Eretz Yisrael to the arabs. The Rebbe clearly said that giving up any portion of Eretz Yisrael would lead to disaster chas ve shalom.
    And the Rebbe concluded by saying that if the Israeli Prime Minister feels that he cannot stand up to world pressure then for the good of all Bene Yisrael he should step down. The Rebbe then said that he would pray that no portion of Eretz Yisrael is ever given up to the arabs.

  2. apsalutely on with # 1's comment from the prophet mamash the rebbe . its danger to jewish lives if you give up one inch of that land . The only mitzvah world jewry keeps as a whole is we own that land . the peace process is amalak particularly agag . peace for our destruction isnt peace usa, eu , pa , hamas , knesset , supreme court your all amalak !You heard it here first ..

  3. As a people we were disunited and resigned ourselves to oslo the rebbe said giving up an inch could lead to catastrophe . who are you listening to ehud barak, netantyahu, obama, hillary clinton, abbas or the holy man the rebbe !there views are opposite and israel loves the cucumbers they were fed on in egypt .

  4. Trying to make peace with Amalek is a fantasy! Has no one learned from history???

  5. Akiva, until you get the rabbi's on track, there is nothing we can do. They prefer to let the 'state' collapse and do nothing to bring the geulah to be built by the mashiach. What can we do, sigh. Maybe they are delaying the geulah as much as the current drech in charge.

  6. CONTAINED? How 'bout DEPORTED! Put 'em all on buses and dump them on the border of Jordan and line the borders of Israel with Tactical High Energy Lasers and troops with orders to shoot any unauthorized individuals that step foot on Israeli soil and/or invade Israeli airspace?

    No.... That'll never happen and for the reasons I sited before.

    Note that one of the four that was killed actually had a gun permit that was taken away by the Israeli government. See!? They don't even want you to be able to defend yourselves! How sad is that!?

    They might just as well tell you to start wearing targets on your chest! It's insane! No, it's sadistic!

    And again, why does HaShem allow these people to remain in power? Why does He fund them and not the devout? This question has caused me to lose what little emunah I had left.

    Everything works for the best? Even the seemingly bad? Sorry.... I just can't buy into that at this stage. Any father who continually beats down his own children is no father, IMO.

    Perhaps that's why the Neoplanotic Jews of Alexandria came to advance Gnosticism and viewed HaShem as being a malevolent Demiurge.

    Cry out to HaShem? Beg? Plead? Repent? Trust? Wait? Pray? Put on rose colored glass and make believe everything works out for the best and try to ignore the harsh realities of the world?

    Sorry.... It ain't working for me! It just ain't working. It just makes me feel powerless, worthless and doomed. I guess that's why I'm not a Jew and doubtless never will be. (Not that's anything else out there worth being!)

  7. Crazy, sometimes we have to be pressured before we shake off the shackles of normalcy and focus on our day to day lives. Sometimes we have to be under threat to put aside our petty differences and focus on all the major things that make us a single people.

    Watching your child fall trying to learn to ride their bike is painful. But if you don't let them try, and by extension fall a bit, they never learn to ride.

    Some apparent parental cruelty is a blessing to the child as it leads them to grow, mature, and develop their abilities.

    The same is true with us.

    TO ALL COMMENTORS - we may not finish the job, but we are obligated to start and do our part. Stand up and state your opinion - loudly - to your elected officials, to the media, to your friends.

    Let the insanity that will only lead to another war be stopped NOW - before the streets are covered in blood.

  8. The Rebbe said that even the fact of negotiating with the Arabs would lead to violence in Eretz Yisrael. He advised us not to even hint at giving up portions of the Holy Land for peace. We have clearly seen this this week.

  9. Akiva, I wanted to pass on a quote from Samsonblinded blog. It is as follows "Responding to a deadly terrorist attack, Barak promised that the IDF will find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. How wrong.

    The perpetrators have to be killed, certainly, but they are not the real target. Israel is acting like a dog who bites the stick used to beat it. Rather, we must go after the stick’s owner.

    The perpetrators were lowly operatives, mere tools in the hands of a Palestinian organization. Punishing them alone won’t establish justice. But the government lacks the guts to go after Hamas and PRC leaders."

    Excellent comment, Note the last line, it's our 'leaders' who need to go. We are some of the problem. When will it be corrected, when and only when the majority is sick and tired of it all.

    If all we can do is to speak, the rabbi's must get on one page and word will get out quickly. We can argue the finer points later, but now it's our survival.

    One note, I was speaking to a rav the other day, he say's to do nothing, just let it sink. This will bring the geualah quicker. I would not have a problem with that except for the fact that every Jew's life is to valuable to sit and watch without doing our little part to prevent it. Agree?

  10. I think it is valid to draw a distinction between the P.A. and Hamas. In recent years the P.A. security forces have been cooperating to some extent with Israeli security. The P.A. has not cheered the recent attack by Hamas terrorists, but has responded with a sweep of the West Bank and roundup of Hamas operatives. Hamas and the P.A. are not the same. There will be a P.A. state established in the West Bank within 2 years if the Quartet including the U.S. has its way. Better to continue the talks negotiate a deal on the most favorable terms possible for Israel. Even if that means giving up territory. If the Israeli government were to stop peace talks now, it would give Hamas a veto on the Israeli government's foreign and domestic policy.

  11. this year 5771 57 =El HVYH olam yetzirah the domain of the angel of the interior Metatron sar hapanim =999 as brought in kol hator. 71 are the 70 nations the shell of adamvchava =70 =gogumagog=70 the 70th name of triad 72 is YBM =mashiach ben yosef , brought in ramchal and this sword belongs to MBY his angel is metatron who overpowers sam and lil and all the others in thend with the help of yehudah saving yosef as brought by the gra in kol hator. the 71st is the erev rav =daat 477 daat of the klipah . And you mountains of israel will pour forth your fruit , rashi zl there is no surer sign of redemption then this .


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