Sunday, September 26, 2010

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News of Peace!

sarcasm by Reb Akiva

As the settlement freeze is set to expire in Israel I was shocked to read that Jewish building is the main problem in the Middle East.  The main reason peace has not been achieved during the 9 month long building freeze wasn’t the Palestinian need to assassinate 4 Jewish civilians, including pregnant women.  It wasn’t 17 attempting bombings and attempted terrorist attacks.  It wasn’t 192 missiles, rockets or mortars lobbed into Jewish kindergartens, apartment buildings, schools, streets, and greenhouses (killing thailandi migrant workers).

No, the main reason peace wasn’t achieved was the Jews refusal to extend the building freeze while continuing to receive (low intensity) warfare in return. 

The news reports tonight tell us the Palestinians fear for their lives from the vicious Jewish settlers.  The vicious Jewish settlers who have to send their children to school in heavily armored bullet proof buses to survive the not so infrequent attempts to kill them.  The vicious settles who all must equip their cars with heavy plastic windows to repel the bricks and cinderblocks thrown at them “now and again”.  The vicious Jewish settlers who must carry weapons for survive yet if they fire even under attack without PROVING they called out to halt, ran way, fired in the air, ran away again, and then fired only to wound even if being assaulted by a knife and brick wielding crowd will GO TO JAIL.

But peace is at hand we’re told.  If only the Jews will stop building in ALL OF JERUSALEM for “a while, maybe a few years, or decades…or like forever” then they’ll be given the chance to negotiate to give away Israel and evacuate without being attacked.

That’s the peace at hand.  With the full backing and demand of the European Union and the Obama administration.

Good to know peace is at hand and only a few pesky Jews are in the way.


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