Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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I’m in Control!

by Rabbi Nati @ Mystical Paths

We have developed a distraction orientated life style to help us disengage and disconnect, allowing our egocentric minds to explain away all the happenings around us and thus misinterpret the messages we constantly receive.  Our lives have become one big distraction upon another until we are lost in the madness.

We now believe that we are like a god, so we have become gods to ourselves.   We convince ourselves that our financial and military and political savvy will win out, believing we do not need Hashem. So He sends us reminders that we are not in control…each at his or her own level.  Even on a global scale we have been spoken to but cannot understand.

In recent history we have witnessed the destruction of our cities and seen the total helplessness of man against the forces of nature. Political and military strength cannot seem to solve today’s problems. The experts are at a loss and simply say this is how it is but then turn back to the strength of man (it’s global warming or pollution or weather control!)

But there are those who have fought and struggled against the system and have become conscious and have gone on to revive others. We are now experiencing the promised final reawakening and renewal with the power of living the blessing  drawing others to it.  It’s written in our Jewish spiritual DNA! No matter how far you have buried it, it’s there and you sense it.

Fixing it requires an overhaul of our lifestyle and a refocusing of our priorities. It’s not something you can be told - you must have woken up to it or you would not be here reading this.

We received a precious gift, the Torah from Sinai.  There is in the transmission the techniques and truths to repair, reestablish and maintain the connection with the source of the blessings, Hashem. Prayer is the primary key to crossing over from the curse to the blessing.

Hitbodedut helps to repair this: By praying we not only refocus our attentions but we liberate them from the pollution, reestablishing the proper flow of spiritual bounty into our lives AND causing an influx to the whole of the creation.

Prayer causes one to believe in Hashem which itself causes a blessing to be released to the world.  And as more people pray the more of this blessing is released into the creation. So the act of prayer itself is a repair even before we consider the content of the prayer.

You should be aware that Hashem is sending into the world all the reasons we need to pray about. Every single event is a complete conversation from the Creator. Every word, sound, sight, touch, and sensation is meant to cause us to want to connect to the wisdom in it, thus to Hashem.

The distraction lies in us becoming connected to the outcome.   By jumping in and believing it’s our strength that controls the circumstances and outcome we lose sight that the result is Hashem’s planed outcome.  Thus we push Hashem off His throne and sit down, making ourselves into gods and thinking that we know better when we really have no clue.

It could very well be that we are causing great damage to the whole of the world, but no we know better.  Even though we know absolutely nothing at all we understand even less. For we cannot see the end, let alone one of the myriads of transactions taking place just to read this lesson.


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