Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Difficult Challenges of our Time

We received this anonymous comment from a reader…

I feel rather pessimistic every Elul.  The current operating mode of Jewish religious schools is very painful to me and my children, and I despair for their future as frum yidden given the actions of the schools.  (Unfortunately this is not limited to any individual school or stream but has become systemic.)

And there is no worse impact to my own yiddishkeit than watching those who are responsible for teaching my children and the next generation emes (truth) seriously injure, turn off, abuse, and fail to educate their students while abusing and acting power crazed upon the parents.

As this process restarts every Elul, with the schools in maximum abuse mode for the month prior to the start of  school and the first month of school - and 5 of my 8 children not fitting the perfect average (too dumb, somewhat auditory in learning, too smart, too sensitive, too quick), every year I and a few of my children go through gehinom (hell) on earth built and operated by frum yidden in the name of chinuch.

It ruins my attitude until Succot.

Is this parent too harsh?  Or a misguided parent who doesn’t operate well in the context of the environment?


  1. Something deffinately needs to be done about it.

    This sounds like something I read about somewhere that said that this is going to happen during chevlei moshiach.

    None the less, we need to do something to fix the situation. May Hashem give us the assistance we need.

  2. The real problem is that there are too many things to deal with all at once. There is the start of the schoolyear, and there are all of the Chagim. I guess that today we are not as strong as our ancestors used to be. So financially, physically, and mentally this is not such an easy period of time. But to cheer you up, when the Moshiach gets here the only Chagim that we will celebrate are going to be Chanuka and Purim (Chanuka being my personally favorite Chag). So hang in there just a little longer, and things will get a lot easier for all of us.


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