Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Ayn Ben Dovid

Shirat Devorah wrote, “So, Moshiach was supposed to arrive this year - 5770 - and once again we are disappointed.  But wait.... don't despair yet.”

Was supposed to arrive this year?

Sanhedrin 97 –

- (Beriata, R. Noson) We cannot know for sure when Moshiach will come.

- When Rabbi Zeira would see people speculating when Moshiach will come, he would say “please do not delay him!”

- (Rav) All the keitzim (Moshiach calculations) have passed.  Now Moshiach depends on Teshuva (repentence and return to Hashem) and Mitzvot.

- Rabbi Yochanon said, Moshiach will come in a generation where the Chochomim (sages) are decreasing and everyone else is despairing…

- (Beriata) Ben Dovid (Moshiach will not come…until Talmidim (Torah students) decrease, people lack money, until they DESPAIR of redemption.

Maybe we should despair just yet!  RIBONO SHEL OLAM, Master of the Universe, we’ve done what we could do.  We, the Jewish people survived centuries of tremendous poverty and intense persecution.  We, the Jewish people, survived the Holocaust and our grandfathers rebuilt from the ashes – not abandoning You while stepping through the ashes of their families.  We survived the generation that said man knows it all and the Jewish people are done for.  We survived a generation of affluence, using it to build more yeshivot, kollels, chesed institutions, mikvaot, and to reach out to our lost brethren around the world.

Ribono Shel Olam, Creator of the Universe, you have created us as human beings – not malachim (angles).  While we strive to improve, we will never reach perfection.  While we strive to add on to the good works of our forefathers and the previous generation, You send us changing conditions.  While we strive to increase our Torah and increase our prayer to You, You have made conditions that we must work and earn money both to care for our families, take care of our communities, operate a government for safety and infrastructure, and pay the expenses of the batei midrashim (houses of Torah learning) and batei knessiot (houses of prayer).

Avinu Malkaynu, Our Father Our King, we are doing our part the best we can as humans who are not angels.  And we will continue to try to do even better in the new year 5771.  We have many failings, but we strive to improve. 

Shall we despair of the geulah?  Is that what is desired?



  1. The hair of the skin in my neck were standing strait when i read this personal prayer of yours.
    That's all i would dare to comment.
    And i would love to comment.


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