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9-11 2010, When Islam Won

muslim protest2 On 9/11 in the year 2010 militant Islam won. Great Britain won the world in the past through colonization and exploitation, building a physical empire.  The United States won the world after World War II by economic influence, military intimidation, and cultural export.

But conquering the world is hard.  It takes time, a major advantage, good timing and a good bit of luck.  The British entered a backward world with a technological edge, a well developed administrative capability, and top naval abilities to project themselves.  The United States came out of World War II intact and was able to step in to the power vacuum left by the nations of Europe that were sitting in ruins.

The Islamic nations, though harboring a desire to project Islam into a world force simply had no ability to do so.  Backward nations with limited resources and no investment in their citizens simply had nothing to offer and no means of influence.

This changed as the energy economy grew.  Oil and gas, the sole resource a small group of Islamic nations have had in abundance, remained the least expensive most dense form of energy delivery throughout the world.  As the energy requirements of the Western nations grew through the late 20th century, their cash flowed in greater and greater quantities to the Islamic oil basin.

Muslim protest
Finally the Islamic nations had a resource for influence…money, vast quantities of it.  Though it took almost 2 generations, they invested in influence peddling, lobbying, politicians, cultural centers, Islamic studies departments…gradually growing their influence in education and politics.  They did it the old fashioned way…they bought it.

Enhancing this was their export of their surplus populations AND providing the cultural infrastructure on their arrival in the Western nations to avoid integration into their host Western countries.

As the Western nations developed a liberal multi-cultural approach, the Islamic nations found the chink in their armor.  No longer willing to judge the cultures of their citizens in any way, the Western societies could no longer confront the radical departure and lack of integration of the muslim immigrants.

When radical Islam began warring against the West from the early-90’s, increasing with 9-11-2001, and following with regular attacks after that…the multi-cultural Western nations couldn’t stand up and say it’s Islam.  As the bought and paid for politicians confronted the issues they were receiving calls from lobbyists reminding them that their next re-election campaign depended upon the resources of the oil sheiks and that Islam better not be part of the “problem”.

burka_eu This led to an increasing of the politicians decreasing their citizens personal liberties to defend against Islamic terrorism while simultaneously increasing the volume of statements that Islam had nothing to do with the situation.  The politicians then had to engage their governmental resources to enforce this impossible double-think.  Over the 9 years from 9-11-2001, this became government policy increasingly actively enforced.

This came to a head on 9-11 of the year 2010 when a Christian preacher of a small congregation announced hosting of an official “burn the Koran” day.  The press, operating with government influence if not control, when on the attack.  The local police denied a “required” bonfire permit and threatened to arrest them if they actually burned a book on their private church grounds.  The FBI “interviewed” the preacher for threatening to burn a book on private property.  Other unspoken threats may have been applied (IRS audit, ATF review of the preacher, all his family members and all the congregants gun ownership status, etc) may have come into play.

And muslims throughout the world rioted, occasionally killing each other and/or local security forces, burning down a few churches and Christian schools, on the word that a Christian preacher in the United States might burn their holy book on his personal property under the laws of protected speech in the United States of America.

And the American government did everything it could up to and exceeding the laws of the land to stop it.  American embassies throughout the world rushed to put out statements that such an action is terrible and would be stopped (not defending American culture that allows such protests and free speech that allows it’s citizens to express themselves – unlike the lands in which the embassies were posted).  American troops went on high alert to defend against revenge attacks (for an event that didn’t take place).

And the Islamics made their point.  No one better dare mess with their religion.  They better not slow it down wherever it wants to build, comment on what they do, or even threaten any action that may be the slightest bit insulting.  For if they do…they’ll get mad, protest and kill each other!

burka-red-whit-and-blue And AMERICA trembles in fear!  Fear of the Islamic street.  Fear because…well there is no because. The because is politicians that may not receive contributions, lobbyists that may not receive lobbying fees, studies departments at universities that may not receive their endowments.

But it’s enough.  Money talks, as they say.  And we now live in the time of the influence of Islam.  

That’s ok, the rise of Yishmael is predicted…and his subsequent fall.  Steps on the path to Geulah.

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  1. I really like there chutzpah jesus is the slave of allah for the world to see , islam will conquer rome . I dont know any jews who speak of these truths publicly ?!Oh yes many many who fall for these untruths H'Y


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