Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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You’re the 1,000,000th visitor

Mystical Paths is nearing it’s 6th year anniversary and has exceeded it’s 1,000,000th reader.  It’s listed as #67 on the Top 100 Religion Blogs of the world by Technorati.

During this same time we’ve had emails where people have told us we’ve truly impacted their lives, including a number of Jewish religious returnee’s and a number of Jews deciding to make aliyah to Israel.  Though your generosity, we’ve raised a bit of money for the poor in Israel before the holidays and for needy Torah students around the year. And making a difference in people’s lives truly makes it all worth while.

Mystical Paths is done as a labor of love (or maybe obsession?)  We limit the advertising to avoid any reading disturbance and to keep it kosher. As such we’re lucky if it ears a cup of coffee per month (literally, ok maybe a latte’). If you have an urge to advertise something, our Blogads prices are inexpensive and (if it’s on topic) effective.

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Thanks for stopping by and many blessings from the bloggers of Mystical Paths.

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