Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Yay, Obama Today!

As a blogger outside the US I get a chance to see some American propaganda that isn’t visible or directed to those inside the United States.  Today’s propaganda comes to you from America.Gov, courtesy of Google ads embedded into the RSS feed of blog Powerline.

America.Gov is the online equivalent to the Voice of America radio broadcasts worldwide.  A US friendly propaganda machine aimed worldwide modeled after but never quite achieving parity with the BBC.

Note I’m not faulting the concept.  America wants to push it’s message and culture out to the world, a friendly propaganda site is a nice way to do so.

No, what strikes me is the change in the focus of the site since the rise of the Obama administration.  Here’s the ad that got my click…


The government funded and written Obama Today blog at America.Gov gives us a daily article on how Obama is saving the US and the world.  Here’s a few brief examples…




Now frankly anyone can push any propaganda they want (and can afford to).  And for the United States of America to be pushing it’s propaganda is normal and expected (though I think perhaps MTV has more impact). 

But when did US propaganda switch to solely pushing the cult of personality of President Obama?

Stop by and get your dose of Obamaganda today!

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  1. Since when? Since they realized he is The One. Please don't diss 'The One'.


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