Thursday, August 05, 2010


Whoa, Rubashkin Judge Broke the Law in Judging!

Flash News just came out that Shlomo Rubashkin’s trial judge improperly participated in the planning of the raid on Agriprocessors (Aharon’s Best Kosher).  According to federal law, a judge who participated in such activity in detecting a crime can’t then judge the crime.  (Let me state that clearer, by acting as the trial judge after providing legal input in the raid planning, the judge is defined as not impartial and must legally declare their participation or recuse themselves.  At the very least they must offer the defense a chance to file a motion requiring them to recuse.)

Further information has shown that the judges participation in the planning was intentionally hidden, including hiding it from congressional testimony (which may be a federal crime).

Full report here at The Yeshiva World News.

We hope this leads to a quick appeal and Mr. Rubashkin’s complete freedom.


josh said...

Sorry I have not been following the issue, but has Rubashkin done tshuva enough to be allowed free? I know no one has the answer. Perhaps Hashem has decided so, perhaps the next judge will be even tougher.

Yossi said...

Or.. Maybe he doesnt have anything to do Teshuva for!! Fancy That!

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