Saturday, August 21, 2010


The Ultra-Orthodox Unit

The Jerusalem Post has a nice article on the Netzach Yehuda (Nachal Charedi) IDF Army battalion for ultra-orthodox soldiers.

While the article speaks for itself, this line is key “While it had a slow beginning, today the IDF has to limit the number of soldiers accepted into the unit to 150 each draft, otherwise it would grow out of control.”

Got that?  All the charedi ultra-orthodox young men that WANT to enter the IDF (in conditions compatible with their religious lifestyle but providing full soldiering ability to the country) can’t because…well…because then there’d be lots and lots of ultra-orthodox young men in the IDF.

And that might change the character of the army, affect the people around them, bring an influx of men permitted to work and able to enter professions into the ultra-orthodox community (along with an influx of money) shifting power and influence to that community, and put people in the army that believe in Israel, Hashem, and His Torah who might hesitate on complete political manipulations of the army.

“The IDF is already weighing the establishment of a second battalion and some of the unit’s proponents have claimed that in a number of years there will be a haredi brigade.” … Can anyone give ANY decent reason why they wouldn’t create more battalions for these young men???


Crazy Smade said...

I think you've already listed the reasons why. Is it just? No, but that's politics for you.

josh said...

Sort of,
the Haredim were/still not warming up to the idea, so Hardali guys joined, and apparently they are the ones being turned away. The 'Hardal' is the largest growing segment of the dati-leumi sector. Knitted kipa, but no tv, no foreign pop culture, they actually have rabbis who they revere. This is Mizrachi at its finest, God fearingtorah and avoda. They are sick of going to army with so many girls walking around, being instructors for long hours. Yes Israeli female soldier is extremely attractive (I know we are so proud of that) but 18yr old God-fearing men don't want to deal with that.


Anonymous said...

but it's not only about girls (and badatz food). It is an environment that allows torah study during the day as well and a more Jewish Israeli environment, rather than Israeli secular.

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