Monday, August 30, 2010

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Scary Diplomatic “Duh”

jews_ear_juice[1] (YNetNews) The Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai recently was surprised to discover on the shelves of a local supermarket chain a canned beverage called "The Jew's Ear Juice."

The drink is made of a black mushroom which does resemble a wrinkled ear.

Israel's Consul-General in Shanghai Jackie Eldan stressed that this was not a case of anti-Semitism, as Judaism is considered in China a synonym of success.

According to Eldan, the juice's manufacturer must have thought that linking it to the Jewish ear would be profitable.

(Mystical Paths noted this stuff almost 6 months ago, here.)

jews-ear-fungus Why do we pay these guys?  A quick google would have shown hundreds of references to Jew’s Ear and several explanations of the name.  Those explanations happen to be exactly the opposite of Israel's Consul-General in Shanghai Jackie Eldan’s answer, they carry an anti-semitic overtone that’s become embedded in a scientific classification.

The Chinese manufacturer was just describing his product.  The Israeli diplomat was just making it up.  And the Israeli news site was just parroting the diplomat.



Anonymous said...

There from shem who was gonna be Hashems chosen but he was tzadik ben tzadik while avraham was sweet from bitter tzaddik be rasha . china saved the whole mir yeshiva from the shoa and found refuge there . The talmedei chachamim were oviousely very thankful and declared the chinese are from shem ! there technology of the human body unlike india isnt involved with avoda zora there are 365 neg commandments and 365 acupuncture points in chinese medecine. There not perfect communism , emperor worship , there atrocity in tebet , but to yehudi a very clean record !

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