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Questions On “What Is Your Name?”

by Reb Gutman Locks @ those on the path of the beyond


     Ruth’s name seemed to have been Ruth before and after conversion, there was never a name-change....

    Can you explain why rabbis would add a vav to ones name?

    One must also wait for the correct timing to fulfill the meaning of ones name. If one acts in haste, disaster

    Are double Hebrew names counted as reflecting one's mission on earth, which includes a middle Hebrew name like for example Nachon-Zion ben (parent's name) or Sholmo Moshe ben (parent's name) Also, how much influence does a parent's own Hebrew name or even surname have on a child?


     I would assume that Ruth’s actual conversion came before she married Naomi’s son, and that her famous statement, “Your people shall be my people….” was merely a confirmation of her conversion. To my knowledge, there is no obligation to change one’s name after conversion, but is customary to show that the convert is a new person.

    I am not aware of rabbis adding vavs to names. Are you referring to the initial spelling when the name was first given, or at a time when a person wants to change their current situation? It is common to add a name to a person name if they are very sick. Frequently, they will add the name Chaim (life) in front of their current name. The letter vav signifies “drawing down from the higher to the lower” or “fullness.” Perhaps it is a custom in some places for rabbis to add a vav to encourage spiritual growth?

    One should never wait to fulfill one’s purpose. You never know how much time you have left in this world, and even if you did know, still, you would want to live in the tremendous joy of one who is doing what he was created to do.

    Giving two names is very common, and both of those names show that person’s nature. Parents’ names also influence a person’s spiritual role. Your parents’ names show where you are coming from. Those names also reflect when you look into the gematria (Hebrew numerical equivalences) of your full name.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to answer. It's an interesting thought and i've never considered Ruth could have converted in a much earlier stage. However, wouldn't that mean that Naomi actually gave her and her sister the option and even asked her to 'deconvert' (to 'de-jew') as they left Moab??

Shiloh said...

It's nice when there is feedback from the blog authors. Kol hakavod.

I respectfully disagree with not waiting for haShem to open the door for those to fulfill their roles in the motion picture. Learning from those in the Tanach, the message is clear, haShem will put those He desires in their proper place when He decides they are ready, negating the ego. Acting prior to His will won't bring the required results. If David for example tried to make a move before his proper time, he probably would have been dead, and history as we know it would not be as it is. Lets look at a kabbalistic movie, realizing it was made into a secular theme, the Matrix. If Neo tried to fulfill his role before he was 'trained' he would have been just another dead potential as the movie describes (note, the magicians where excluded even though they thought different, will be no different today, in otherwords don't look for a miracle worker). So he had the potential, he was actually chosen without knowing, he was tutored by those who held the key. And they where successful in defeating those in control of the matrix. Since the key holders can unlock the door, would they be afraid to do so?

I wanted to comment on the vav added to a name. For example, the secretary of the late Rav Kaduri had a vav added to his name by Rav Kaduri. His name is Yehoshua. If spelled as in the Tanach it means one thing, if a vav is added, it means another. Many know who follow the end times blogs what signifigance it would be in this case and the rumors that lasted for a short time. You follow? Use my name for example. It is שילה and if you added a vav, it would spell שילוה which would drastically change the meaning.
In either case, if the names where given with the vav included, what would be the difference if the vav is added later. Would not the results be the same if there was a purpose for the vav to be there. Not just put there to 'create' something that does not exist no matter what hocus pocus you add?
Let's do the reverse, if one had their original given name with the extra vav there, what is the signifigance if they remove it?

It would be interesting to get your take on this and if Akiva or Nati have any thoughts on that.

Stay cool!

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