Tuesday, August 03, 2010


The Non-Outbreak of War, B”H

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

A friend wrote me…

“I was not even aware of all of the recent prophecies of doom and war. [ Example, Rav Berland’s prediction for war on the 22nd of Av – that was yesterday. ]  They always seem to be coming from a place of borderline despair that you need ‘emunah’ to pull yourself out of or save the world with.

If the prediction occurs, they were right.  And if it doesn’t occur, everyone’s emunah saved us.

Besides the swing cycle being unhealthy, don’t we actually have faith that Hashem is arranging things the right way?”

My friend makes a good point and one that Mystical Paths has internalized over the past few years.  We formerly reported every hint, rumor, or prediction of geulah.  We hyped up and despaired down after things didn’t come about.  We took rumors and third hand news (often many of the predictions we’re hearing are after someone heard a gadol / tzadik / mekubal make a small comment to someone else in a private answer and expand it out of context or up to the klal) and announced them. (Even some of the more openly said predictions are usually presented without their context.)

The result was indeed unhealthy.

Now, do we believe the geulah is close?  Yes.  Do we believe world events are lining up to the predictions of the biblical prophets?  Yes.

But what does this mean for our daily lives?  Not in the times of the geulah, but for today.  Rather than what should we be doing under the prediction, hype, or concern of the moment, the question is what should we be doing living in such a chaotic and challenging time?

How should we focus our Torah and Mitzvot and what (if any) changes should we be making in our lives?  To live through this chaotic time and to await his coming every day?

That’s the true challenge of the moment.


  1. Thank you so much for your common sense approach to this. I too have become dismayed by all the rumors of impending doom that have been going on really since the first gulf war (at least that's as far back as I can remember--it has probably always existed). It does create a tremendous feeling of depression and apprehension, at least in me, which in my view has to be a "Maisa Satan" because h'shem wants us to serve Him with joy, not terror. Moreover, the constant anticipation and disappointment cycle can lead to a loss in emunah, H'V'S.

  2. No one really knows except for haShem. And thus far He has not outright told us, but is sure giving us hints that a change is coming. Even if Israel or the US where to pull the plug on Iran, you will never know it's coming until it has.

  3. So true, what's important is to take a lesson from all that is going on and work on ourselves, whether it's improving our relationships with people or with Hashem etc


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