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News: Obama to Visit Israel and Palestine

theone It begins.

President Obama will make his first visit as president to Israel and the West Bank to persuade both sides to agree to concessions for the sake of peace.

Because that’s worked out so well for Israel in the past. [ Every Israeli past concession has resulted a brief time later in the death of hundreds of it’s citizens and mini-wars. ]

The US president's peace plan calls for Israel and the Palestinian Authority to hold a series of regular meetings over the coming year.

Which Palestinian Authority would that be?  The one in Ramallah which has exceeded it’s legal mandate to operate (legally required elections having been “postponed” and since cancelled – turning the elected government into a dictatorship) or the legally and properly elected (by US sponsored elections) Hamas government in Gaza that’s engaged in acts of war weekly against Israel (last attack 3 days ago, mortars fired into civilian areas)?

Mr Obama will oversee the relaunch of direct talks between the two sides next week in Washington.

So the presidents need for a photo op and “peace progress” report before the US November election should mess up the Israeli governments Rosh Hashana plans and put the lives of Israeli’s and Jews at risk.

Although Washington is pushing for a comprehensive peace deal within 12 months, implementation will be spread out over a 10-year period, according to a report in Yediot Aharonot, the Israeli newspaper.

That makes me feel much better, because past implementations of deals have gone so well.  Oslo, Wye, Sharm-el-Sheik, give give give and receive war and pain.  Maybe “concessions for peace” don’t work with the Arabs?  Maybe US domestic political concerns should stop killing Jews in Israel?  Maybe someone should analyze results of the past to try different things in the future?  Maybe the Israeli government should gain the strength to say no.

Washington wants the intensive talks to cover core issues, including borders, refugees and the future status of Jerusalem, according to the leaked White House protocols of a conference call held this week between senior administration officials and American Jewish leaders.

With all due respect to “American Jewish leaders”, their lives aren’t on the line nor are they particularly in touch with the facts on the ground in Israel.  Further as keeps being reported, American Jewish commitment to Israel has slid to near none as secular liberal concerns overtake Jewish concerns in the highly assimilated Jewish American (order switch intentional) social circles.

If the sides fail to reach an agreement on a particular issue, US officials will intervene and offer a compromise, the report said.

Because the US has done so well with suggestions in the past!  Success rate: 0%.  And those were the almost reasonable suggestions of the past.  The current “US officials” have yet to demonstrate their understanding of the word “reasonable” or “possible” as opposed to “our world vision which reality should automatically conform to”.

At the same time, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, and Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, will meet regularly, the paper reported, citing the leaked report.  Such a strategy should appeal to Mr Netanyahu, who has proposed face-to-face talks with Mr Abbas every fortnight.  "Real negotiations in the Middle East are only direct, quiet and continuous talks between the leaders on the fundamental issues. This is why I offered to hold the talks in this format", he said on Thursday.

Mr. Netanyahu’s getting better at this.  And for a change keeping the Foreign Ministry from undercutting him. 

Washington will introduce its own bridging proposals if the sides reach a deadlock in the talks.

Because they’re so skilled at International Diplomacy and Middle East Diplomacy.  Incompetents playing with other people’s lives.

American pressure will also be exerted on friendly Arab states to make moves towards normalization of relations with Israel.

Yeah, let’s see progress on that.  THAT, while really not meaningful, would demonstrate actual diplomatic ability in the region.

Hashem Yismor (G-d should protect us!)

SIGN OF THE GEULAH – When a top world leader brings other leaders to Jerusalem to divide her, then Jerusalem because a “cup of poison” for the nations and we’re living the last steps of the biblical prophecies of Moshiach and the Geulah.


  1. may your last statement on world leaders joining the erev rav please sir dont forget her she gets the vote of over 60 percent of " israelis " nebek , to give jerusalem to islam at the the expense of the jews in the peaceful kiss of edom which yaakov our father feared more then his sword and wrath as did the gra and other kedoshim . Thats why in many ways todays churban is worse then what happened 65 years ago in poland to the jewish people . There they sang ani mami in the gas chambers , here most jews dont even know ani mamin !

  2. We can't be living the last steps of biblical prophecy, why, because the Mashiach is not alive today.

  3. Dear shiloh your tottaly wrong ! according to the sod of ramchal , gra and abir yaakov mashiach ben yosef and mashiach ben david are both alive too reddeem Israel and those left of the world at any momment . According to gra, ramchal it has to happen in nissan talmud and zohar agree , but late lubavitcher rebbe says it can happen at any momment ! Im not the rebbe but his words are just as important as talmud and zohar !

  4. Obama oviousely is a gilgul of the pharoah who enslaved israel in the decadent , hedonistic , strongly idolotrous , tottaly immoral homosexual unions transgender acceptance in both societies of ancient egypt and modern america - am - reika empty mother !

  5. Obama encoded in Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 7

  6. in what spacing ? roshei teivot sofei teivot or number sequencing ?

  7. Pharoah wasnt all rah like haman or amalak , he had a nekudah of good . He recognized Hashem in shemot , and was saved unlike his 600 men in the splitting of the sea . Obama as well is very god concious yet like pharoah and mitzraim of old its connected more to the nachash then elokut , this is why america is trying to save the world and israel . Its the coc hut hatumah of the nachash and gogumagog, which only recognizes elokut when its revealed like pharoah did ie when he said pray for me too . When elokut isnt revealed but in tzimtzum they recognize nun shaarey tumah of the nachash like pharoah did .

  8. Pharoah is gematria satan 359 from abir yaakov . Edom is keter the klipah like mitzraim abir yaakov . There angel is sam like mitzraim abir yaakov and mishnah 200 bahir. Israel is enslaved in nun 50 sshaarei tumah . this is gog umagog . This is the ikker of torah and mitzvot tefillah in this war with edom and erev rav , who represent sam and armilius and nun shaarei tumah . Kabbalah and chassidus has the or to fight , thats why zohar says we will taste from it and leave the exile in mercy .

  9. In Ezekiel 38:2, he's encoded in 7 skips. I'm not sure where in Daniel chp. 7


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