Saturday, August 28, 2010


Moshiach Chai

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

A commentor wrote, “mashiach is racked with suffering with the shechinah at the entrance to rome ! read zohar and ramchal , some of us suffer with him and one of us actually is him !”

I was speaking recently with an elderly chossid at a wedding on Har Tziyon in Jerusalem who said to me “Moshiach is alive right now!”  I challenged him a bit… “well, we’ve heard many such statements from gedolim and mekubalim in the last 5 years or so.  We’re sitting here by the Old City of Jerusalem and you’re telling me Moshiach is alive in our generation, so where is he?”

“Ahh” he said, “in every generation there’s a potential Moshiach.  Every generation has a (spiritual) descendant of Moshe rabaynu.  For Moshiach to come at any time, there must be a Moshiach at every time!  We simply have to be worthy of Moshiach in our time and then he’s fully invested as Moshiach of all time.”

I just smiled.


  1. The Gr"a wrote in his commentary on the Zohar that Moshe Rabbeinu needs to return to this world 50 times for the Geulah to come. The fact that we have seen far more generations pass is because there have yet to be enough worthy candidates.

  2. When all can look into the mirror and see Moshiach, then Moshiach will have come.

  3. No , when moshiach can look in the mirror and see moshiach after what hes probably experienced then geulah can began . as gra says quoting zohar and ramchal adds to this moshiach ben yosef the shor bor awakes from below , also quoting the ohr hachaim hakodesh .All the leaders who persecuted israel come back in final dor (saddam - nebuchanezer )- (achminijav - haman) - (obama - ramses) the pharoah who pers-cuted am yisrael . america - egypt a place of regulated abomination filth under edoms charter !


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