Thursday, August 26, 2010

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I Believe in Obama…

…blares the title of a YNetNews headline.  “The US president can secure a Palestinian-Israeli peace deal.”

begin carter sadat For those who haven’t heard, the U.S.A. has called the Israelis and Palestinians to a peace conference.  In the past such conferences were called when a deal had been worked out and a few details remained that the U.S. would pressure the participants through.  It would end with an historic signing agreement with bright political lights shining upon the now peaceful participants.

Today the USA calls together participants, one of whom has refused for years to speak to the other.  One represents half their people at best, none at worst as they rule in contradiction to their own laws for elections and changing governments, with the other half of their people pronouncing dire threats daily and attacking daily (last attack – mortars, 16 hour ago).

But don’t worry, the U.S.A. has everyone’s best interests at heart.  And a burning desire for peace.  With such purity, how can it go other than well?

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  1. america is amalak the erev rav the left in israel is amalak and the palestenians are amalak period explanation point ! few will survive when moshiach awakens finally ! what does the zohar say a fire from the cave of machpela to burn the world , and I wont destroy the world by water , but by dfire ? ! and bait yosef a flame and bait esau stubble ! and there will be no survivors from the house of esau God has spoken . and there life blood spurted on my garments as I trod the winepress , and who comes from boisra with soiled garments , and his day of wrath a full cup is near ! just a litle longer and theyll be gone , and the nations will be full of corpses tehillim 110 , and God rules in zion !


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