Sunday, August 08, 2010

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How Many “gods” Are There in India?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

     Sometimes you see the fruits of your efforts so clearly, and it is so rewarding.

     A couple of days ago at the Kotel, I walked up to two business men from India. They seemed to be in their late thirties or early forties.

    “How many gods do you have in India?” I asked.

    They were not in the least bit taken aback by my question. One of them spoke with certainty, “Why, there are one million gods in India… no, even more,” he said, proudly.

     “You are a very intelligent business man,” I said, “so you will be able to understand this: What is the definite of ‘Infinite’?”

     “’Infinite’ is without limit, without end,” he responded.

     “So, if the infinite is without limits, it must be all, everything. Correct?” I asked.

     “Correct,” he agreed.  

     “Well, then how many infinites are there?” I asked.

     “There can be only one,” he assured me.

     “If there would be more than one infinite, neither one of them could be all. G-d is Infinite. Is that correct?” I went on.

    “Yes, G-d is Infinite,” he agreed.

    “So, then how many gods are there?” I asked.

     He stopped and thought for a moment, and then his face lit up. “Well, then there can only be one,” he said.

     “It’s like the fingers of your hand.” I said. “How many are these?” I gently grabbed his fingers.

     “Ten,” he answered.

     “But how many am I pulling?” I said, as I pulled his hands so much that he moved forward.

     “Ten,” he answered, again.

     “But, all this is one. Isn’t it?” I said, as I pointed to his hands, arms, and the rest of his body.

     His face lit up like sunshine coming out from behind a dark cloud. He really got it. He truly understood this most important concept. He went from being a simple idolater with “at least one million gods,” to a man who truly understood that G-d is One. He walked away with the greatest prize possible.

    And, what about me? Hooray for me, too.  :~)


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