Monday, August 02, 2010


Harder to Find The Truth

It’s getting harder to find the truth.  We find from the Journolist affair (a mailing list between major journalists in the US who clearly colluded to promote a common political message that was often at odds with the facts and what should have been the news) that there is no longer any hope of trusting the “news” as a truthful source.

Is oil destroying the Gulf of Mexico, or did 220 million barrels of oil disappear within a week of the spill being stopped (or slowed, that’s unclear as well)?  [Please ignore the tar balls you’re walking on at the beach, and the dead fish, because the News can’t find any impact of the oil spill.]

Has the economic meltdown resulted in up to 10% of people falling into “long term a.k.a. permanent unemployment, and therefore not counted”, up to 10% of people losing their homes (and cars), and wide strips of towns and city streets with shuttered stores?  (I spoke to a yid from Flatbush a few nights ago who told me the main street is still doing business, but on the side streets 50-80% of businesses are gone.)  Must only be rumors because the News can’t find any?  [The occasional news reports of “a town with 27% unemployment” always end with an upbeat “but government employment is up, taking up some of the slack with secure high paying jobs”.]  A blog report: “An empty shell occupies 9,500 addresses across the Sacramento region – one closed business for every six still open, according to a Bee analysis of U.S. Postal Service data.”

Honestly (there’s a funny term) I don’t know how to take what’s going on.  British Prime Minister Cameron, while making a number of silly international gaffs, has directly stood up to England’s domestic economic situation – creating cutbacks that exceed the budget as well as targeted incentives to try to get the economy moving.  He’s not mincing words about the situation, yet is being ignored as the News hasn’t actually bothered to let anyone know there is a problem.

We used to believe the news was the news.  Then we realized it had become entertainment.  Now…just propaganda.  “When the truth is a lie and lies are told as the truth…”


Crazy Smade said...

Rebbe Schneerson, zt"l, says like this:

There are many truths. There is a truth for every being and for every particle of the universe - for each one reflects its Master in a different way.

To seek truth means more than finding your own truth. It means finding a truth that works for you and for the other guy, for now and forever, in this place and everywhere, for the body and for the soul, for the sage and for the young, innocent child.

The highter the truth, the fewer boundaries it knows.[1]

There are two paths you could take: An easier path or a harder one.

Knowing that [HaShem] is everything, you may wish to reject all the world stands for. Since everything is emptiness, you may deny yourself even basic necessities, living far and removed from the banalities of mankind, engaging only in the truths of the spirit, running from the confines of physical, mundane life.

This is the easier path.

On the other hand, knowing that within each thing [HaShem] can be found, you may be inspired to refine and elevate our world, struggling with all its facets to find their true purpose, grabbing every opportunity to squeeze out a little more of the world's inherent goodness, living a spiritual life by using physical things in an enlightened way.

Both paths are true paths, and great sages have tread them both. But the second, more difficult one is the one we will all have the most benefit from, espeically today.[2]

[1] = pg.105, "Bringing Heaven Down to Earth, compiled by Tzvi Freeman," 1999.
[2] = pg. 107, ibid.

crazy smade said...

Question is.... Does anyone really want the truth? Could we handle the truth in all its radiant glory? Isn't this why so many would rather believe and/or propagate and/or sell a non-truth?

My own cyncism[*] grows by leaps and bounds with each passing day. People pay lip service to change, whilst demanding the truth, but few if any earnestly strive toward them -- myself included!

When I hear the words, "Good morning!" ... I have to laugh and wonder, "What's so good about it!? Has anything changed? Did social and economic disparity end, while I slept last night? Did a wave of teshuvah sweep across the globe? Has HaShem removed the Evil Inclination from the human equation?"

But, coward that I am, I just smile and surrender the obligatory and desired response - "Good morning!" Is there really any point in burdening others with my cyncism? Who am I to give mussar to others? Still I can't help but think the following:

There are no military solutions. There are no political solutions. There are no religious solutions. There never have been. There never will be. There are only personal choices. Today, I choose not to murder. Today, I choose not to hate. Today, I choose not to steal. Today, I choose life over death; love over anger; charity over greed. That is our true struggle - the struggle within - the struggle to tame our Evil Inclination and make it work for HaShem, instead of against Him.

But the world doesn't operate that way. Who wants to believe that HaShem is the ALL within the All of creation? Who wants to believe that everything - even the seemingly bad - is actually working toward the ultimate good? Who wants to believe in the absolute Oneness of HaShem? That would mean setting aside our own EGO and actually loving and respecting our fellow creatures. Tzelem Elokim? Chelek Elokim Mimaal? Teshuvah? Self-nullification? Gemilut Chasidim? Emunah?

Who wants to swallow those pills!? But isn't our reluctance a by-product of the "hastora betokh hastora"...? I don't know! You tell me....

[*] = An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others.

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