Friday, August 13, 2010


The Best (Kosher) Thing I Ever Ate

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Dovbear started a meme based on a Food Channel show, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and listed his favorite Brooklyn/Williamsburg restaurants (and one in Chicago).  Here’s my favorites, which are (generally) not in the city…

Kosher Ribs at the Masada Cafe – What an incredible meatfest!  This Manhattan restaurant doesn’t exist anymore and I’ve never had anything to match it since.  It was a little hole in the wall at the time, but wow what food.

Kosher Sushi at Kyoto – A full kosher Japanese restaurant in Monsey, New York, their sushi is some of the best around.  Closely matching it was Sushi-a-mechaya in Midtown Mahattan, long gone now but a great lunch stop in the past.

Tempura and Miso Soup in Deal – Another top quality kosher Japanese restaurant of the past, the Tempura and the Miso Soup was absolutely excellent in Deal, New Jersey.  Unfortunately the name escapes me.

Kosher Chinese at The Grand Bamboo – The best kosher Chinese I’ve ever had is at The Grand Bamboo in Monsey, NY.  The Chinese there is an absolute art.

Shwarma in Jerusalem – The top shwarma in the world is in Jerusalem, opposite Mir yeshiva.  This little hole in the wall offers “dark” and “light” or a mix of the two.  Mixed is best, with fried onions on a laffa.  Yum.  Unfortunately shwarma is becoming just a meat mix fried on the grill, the traditional dripping hunk of grilling meat hanging all day isn’t found so much anymore.  The difference is telling.


Dan Schwarz said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I may seek out the shwarma place on Sunday before our flight back to the USA. We just had some pretty good shwarma at השומן in Talpiyot.

As for U.S. recommendations, I highly recommend Smokey Joe's kosher BBQ in Teaneck, and Mike's Bistro on West 72nd St in Manhattan. Mike's is pricey but worth it. Try the chef's tasting menu and the short ribs.

Shaun said...

Steak at Metzuyan in Johannesburg.

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