Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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The Association for Prosperity

I recently started getting some spam from The Association for Prosperity and Security in the Middle East.  Now honestly my Hebrew isn’t to the point that I’m going to spend time trying to read through Hebrew sales slang in a spam email.  But as I scrolled to the bottom of the email I noticed some “fine print” in English…

© 2010 The Association for Prosperity and Security in the Middle East. All rights reserved. The Way to Happiness and the "Road & Sun" design are trademarks  owned by L. Ron Hubbard Library in the USA and in other countries and is used with permission.

L. Ron Hubbard.  Science fiction writer and founder of the “church” of Scientology. 

The ad?  For a happiness work up…aka Scientology:

"Throughout history around the world, the human race has come to cherish and respect certain values.  They are called virtue. They were attributed to the wise, holy to the gods. These are what differentiated between a man and a barbarian - culture, between chaos and a fair society.

As mankind has grown we must learn there is no need for approval from heaven or a tedious search through the thick volumes of philosophers to find out what "good."

This can be discovered - by the man himself."

That’s the religion of Scientology, which is then mixed with pseudo-psychiatric techniques for “clearing” the mind of past emotional impacts.

And goodness oozes out naturally from the human condition.

Now available in Hebrew for the Israeli public.  Watch out, this peace and prosperity is for the founders checking accounts, not the followers.

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  1. Again, it always seems to boil down to funding. It makes me wonder why HaShem doesn't fund His Own Kingdom with the same level of cash flow He provides to those who act against His Kingship. Or perhaps the question is one of emunah.

    Is funding the "darkness" a means of making the "light" shine even brighter? I sounds a little like one shooting their own foot, if you ask me. Does the means justify the end? I really wonder.

    Anyone ever watched the TV series BABYLON 5? I feel like I'm caught in an evolutionary game being played out between the Vorlons and the Shadows.

    Okay, so Derech HaShem is the path one should take, but even that road requires money. I guess if one can shmooze the wealthy, then ... more power to them. People do tend to pay good money for a message they want to hear. Oh well....


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